PM Says He ‘Really Enjoyed’ Carnival

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has said on his official Facebook page that he really enjoyed this year’s Saint Lucia carnival celebrations which organisers have dubbed a resounding success.

On Carnival Monday Chastanet briefly jumped up with some female revellers at Vigie, Castries.

Prime Minister Chastanet with carnival revellers

“I really enjoyed this years Carnival celebrations. On Monday, when numerous revellers asked me to “Call My Mother for Me”, I got a gut feeling that this would be this years Road March,” the PM stated.

“Congratulations to Edwin on becoming the 2019 Saint Lucia Carnival Road March King,” Chastanet wrote on his official Facebook page.

The Events Company of St. Lucia  Inc (ECSL) Chairperson, Agnes Francis, told a news conference Wednesday that the standard of the competitions was ‘exceptionally high’ this year.

“I want to place on record Events Saint Lucia’s gratitude and thanks to all the stakeholders – the Calypso Management Committee, the Calypsonians and Soca Artistes, the Carnival Bands Association and the individual carnival bands, the judges, police, sponsors, suppliers, volunteers, media and the untiring and dedicated staff of Events Saint Lucia,” Francis told reporters.

She asserted that Carnival is now at a crossroad.

” When there are equal or more foreign revelers in bands than locals.  When persons have to either wait in traffic for hours or sleep in their cars after an event; when nudity is seen as the norm – we need to take a holistic view of the management of carnival,” the ECSL Chairperson observed.

She asserted that the event now needs policies, standards, licenses and permits in order to manage its success.

Francis disclosed  that this is exactly what Events Saint Lucia will be embarking on in the coming weeks, starting with the evaluation of each event with the relevant stakeholders.

“At the end of the exercise, we will have a clear road map which will guide the management of the event going forward,” the ECSL Chairperson declared.


  1. To people at the top. When paying customers can’t enjoy their money’s worth because police refuse to arrest the non paying invaders you have a problem. When invaders threatening band security because the security is doing their job you have a problem. Last time I’m paying money for this as long as my safety and enjoyment as a paying customer is compromised.

  2. Zabo, you member of the 43% preschool Club, what is wrong is the hypocrisy of the leader of your club. He never before cared to jump with the masses. What was this year’s jump about? Was he celebrating the poor state of health care, the many lies he tells the nation, the $30 million loan of our pension money to a foreign national, Guy’s misuse of the nation’s money, Ubaldus’ indiscretions, the millions of dollars given to sandals, the millions given to Ernst and Young to do the work of a well staffed Ministry of Finance, the $32 million given to a foreign national to advice on sports facilities, the rising crime (especially murders), the Wipay fiasco, the sell out of the public servants by Spiders best friend( Chicot) and wanna be candidate Laure, the withholding of funds from blind welfare association, the country’s rising debt through careless government borrowing, disrespecting the constitution by refusing to appoint a deputy speaker of the House, the unprecedented appointment of a Minister’s wife on the teaching service commission, paying Ubaldus’ wife $25,000 dollars a month consultancy, paying Rufina $16,000 dollars a month consultancy to education, threatening to break down our national monuments, withholding funds from National trusts, referring to St. Lucians as “jackasses”, being the only one to know that cock lay eggs (lol), insulting our calypsonians, insulting young mothers, insulting our men by saying that 43% of them only have preschool education, lying about the unemployment figures, appointing half dead Cenac as GG, refusing to grant our hard working nurses tenure in our health services which is causing them to leave, referring to people as “barking dogs”, destroying jazz festival? If you can tell me which one (s) of the foregoing he is jumping up to, I will tell you “wa round(although preschooler Zabo I think you wanted to say wrong) wid dat”.

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