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Updated on June 5, 2020 8:29 pm
Updated on June 5, 2020 8:29 pm
Updated on June 5, 2020 8:29 pm

PM Says Meeting His Constituents Among Favourite Aspects Of His Job

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has declared that touching base with ‘the great constituents of Micoud South’ is among the favourite aspects of his job.

“The love, humour and frankness of our conversations reminds me of why what we do as leaders is so important, at all levels,” Chastanet stated on his official Facebook page.

“The young people of the community give me such hope for the future and the elders always keep me grounded. I am so excited about the impact the projects we are doing in the south will have on mine and surrounding communities,” the PM asserted.

He said he was happy to announce that work on upgrading of the Desruisseaux field will start this week.

The Micoud South MP disclosed that the rehabilitation of the Blanchard and Spring Road is earmarked for later this month and ‘the once abandoned community centre’ will get new life and serve the community once more.

“I continue to be grateful to the residents of this community for their resilience and commitment to building a new Saint Lucia,” Chastanet declared.


      • For once I agree Iwith you, TRUTH BEING TOLD, the PM is “genuinely” stupid. So he genuinely do and say nonsense. Now keep the TRUTH BEING TOLD

  1. He has said nothing wrong we all have a favourite aspect to our job. He stated his it’s up to each one if they so desire to state theirs or not. The opposition politicains favourite job is to oppose any and everything it’s their favourite part of the job. To each his own the favourite part of some people life is hating unfortunately

    • And JACK, your favourite job, it appears, is to post sh~~. I mean yes “to each his own” but you should get to hate that job of yours. By the way, I hear there is a Donkey’s race as a side attraction on the DHS site, are you participating? I think you should. You will come in forth place after Chastanet, Guy, and Gail. All the best.

      • I can only see the humour in your comments the insults from someone should never hurt the person it’s intended for but rather expose the hate and anger coming from the person. Insulting someone is simply exposing the dirt and filth that comes from within you.

      • When ?? I’m in Ti Richer and we see him what every 6 months. Not even. Continue defending the jackass of a prime minister.

    • And I’m also from Ti Rocher. You’ll lies will catch up with you all. And the jackass is the PM which you will never be. I will not entertain dumbass people with fake names.

  2. Is that the home town of Mega Construction,the ones that are supposed to be dregging the John Compton Dam,boy that is a disaster waiting to explode ,as soon as the press gets the juice

  3. Some St lucians needs prayers whenever labour not in power the country full of hatred, Allen Chastent is the PM of St Lucia 🇱🇨 weather some of us like it or my pm.

    • agreed with this part where you said whnever labour not in power the country is full of hatred, kudos damn truth.

      • I am happy you re enforced Concern comment because when Labour is not in power they preach hate so much they hate their country and always wishes the worth. But God is good and we are all praying for our country and PM

  4. I wonder how in what language he speaks to the old people who barely speak english and don’t understand much of it. I also wanna know why as the MP for the area you don’t live there and how do u identify with the people from those areas u represent.

      • And Kenny came only on a Wednesday. Do you know that most labours in VFort would have a funeral on a Wednesday (even if it would cost them extra days with the dead at the morgue) because he would scarcely attend a funeral if it not a wednesday. Now the difference is that if there are to many people at his office on a Wednesday he would bypass his office and go to Augier at his place friend for the day. He never really walked the town except before election.

    • Kenny comes to Vfort and speak mostly patois to the people. A gentle man had to stop him once when he visited with some people from the North. He spoke English to the Northerners and patois to the VFortians. They guy stopped him immediately. LALA, most time, just the visit is enough for these elderly there.

      • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha you dying for him to give you the time of day ha ha ha ha your insubordination and lifetime ban really have you ha ha ha ha ha all when the man living a quiet life and would not dear to hear your name in the same space as his you in his ass, at least he spoke the language he know his native tongue unlike Allen Chastanet , that so unpatriotic , something you are all to familiar with. You would think by know he would ask an aide to assist in such cultural endeavors before the election the shame of it. So pot call Kenny Black so when will you come out and say I am a Black Boy from Laborie form the time you have moved on up like the Jefferson’s and never look back you have cast yourself as the quintessential stiff upper lipper and refused to accept the man in the mirror can you do so before you die, Laborians knows your time is of the essence.

    • Do not underestimate our elderly. They do understand English. Come with something better than that LALA. LOL

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