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Updated on July 8, 2020 6:51 pm
Updated on July 8, 2020 6:51 pm
Updated on July 8, 2020 6:51 pm

PM Says National Health Insurance ‘Critical’

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, describing national health insurance as critical to Saint Lucia, has disclosed that his administration is continuing to work towards its introduction  with the assistance of the World Bank.

“Though we are in the process of improving the quality of Health centers across the island whilst also building and commissioning new health facilities, all this would be in vain if Saint Lucians especially the most vulnerable in our society do not have the requisite resources to access medical care. This is why National Health Insurance is so critical,” Chastanet said in a post Tuesday on his official Facebook page.

He disclosed that on Tuesday afternoonhe received an update from the World Bank consultants as well as the team from the Ministry of Health & Wellness along with Dr. Stephen King on the progress made over the past few months to make National Health Insurance a reality.

“We believe that every Saint Lucian deserves access to Affordable, Quality Healthcare and our Government is working hard and diligently to make this a reality,” Chastanet stated.


  1. Just last week I was talking to my Grandma about this introduction HCare to St. Lucians. Mr. PM I am in full support of the National Health Insurance for all. I will be number one on the list. Very good conversation with Grandma Catherine.
    Go for it Prime Minister Allen Chastanet keep up the good work.

    • I don’t support a National Health Care system in St. Lucia. Why should someone who makes every effort to eat right, exercise, avoid alcohol, drugs and smoking bear the cost for someone who chooses to destroy their heatlh? A country plagued with diabetes. Ever increasing obesity rates. Rampant drug and alcohol abuse. All easily avoidable yet people CHOOSE to engage in activities that take them there. These diseases and their complications are a drain on the taxpayers. Now you’re askig those very same taxpayers to further take care of such selfish people. I truly hope there is an opt out system for yet another braindead scheme.

      • I’m truly disgusted by your comment because you eat right excercise staying away from drugs and alcohol your not gonna get sick….don’t forget you’re human…..I hope the tax you’re paying will prevent you from getting sick…..and you won’t need healthcare sickness don’t chose people anyone can get sick……..

      • what an idiot …. he or she thinks that they wont get sick or will never require medical attention because they eat right and exercise hahahahahahahaha

        dear Anonymous dumb person …. what you concisder eating right is probably entirely wrong

        aside from that there can be sdozens of reasons for requiring medical attention, fool

        there should be a short intelligence exam one must pass before being able to post on any form of social media

  2. Not a Politician, you claim you not a politician but you sure know how to make a cheap political point. You really believe that people will fall for that 43% preschool trick? Try a little harder, you not a politician idiot.

  3. I cannot believe anything Chastanet says, this man says too many LIES, imagina Soufriere people said Chastanet has a MOM degree. That is Masters of Mantee.

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