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PM Says Outside Forces Could Escalate The Venezuela Crisis

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has expressed concern over the current situation in Venezuela, in an address to leaders of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

“The lack of resolution to the ongoing situation in Venezuela continues to concern us,” Chastanet said.

“So far all efforts at mediation have failed; in fact from all indications conditions in Venezuela continue to deteriorate despite a recent lull and this is likely to make finding a solution even harder,” the outgoing CARICOM Chairman told the 31st Inter-Sessional Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government on Tuesday.

He expressed the view that the involvement of outside forces in the controversy could only escalate the crisis and make a resolution that more difficult, while at the same time testing and stressing CARICOM’s own attempt at a common position on that issue.


  1. What a revelation, Is’nt the U.S an outside force? and are’nt they the ones escalating the Venezuelan crisis? well then Mr. not so smart prime minister, what is your point?

    • See comment by Castries Fisherman below. And it is not only the Cubans and Russians involved there are said to be a unspecified number of Iranians and Hezbollah fighters. The PM was talking about all outside interventions so why should he be specific when we just small countries vulnerable to sanctions of rich and powerful countries?

  2. Well the Cubans have around 15.000 military personel training Venezuelans police and army and navy personel.The Russians have an unspecified amount of military personel on land and training the air force,controling airports and radar sistems.and managing air defense,misile sistems .They preped Maduro,he feels good,his friends delivered.Shame the misery,that the population has to suffer.

  3. Resolution of the Venezuelan crisis starts with the election of an honest broker as Secretary General of the OAS. Will CARICOM back HE Maria Espinosa as a consensus candidate, thus ensuring her election? Unlike the current occupant, Dr Espinosa will come to the position with clean hands and no boas.

  4. What is serious for us may not be seen that way on the other side.OAS will condemn,this lets call it socialist group,Caricom countries recieve gifts,free medical treatments ,schollar ships,and other benefits,from Cuba Venezuela,and those that recieve these gifts,praise them,what else can they do.Caricom countries will never be united Cuba has survived all these years thanks to these tactics,if they would have not done this strategy they would not exist today as a socislist country.Hope they back Maria Espinosa,lets hope.

  5. The misery has been as a result of the US intervention. It has tightened it’s sanctions around the necks of Venezuelans because they took control of their resources.

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