PM Says Over 200 Locals Employed In Horse Racing Track Project

Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister Allen Chastanet says an impressive amount of work is continuing on the Horse Racing track which forms part of the 1st Phase of the Pearl of the Caribbean development in Vieux Fort.

The first phase of the track includes a world class racetrack with turf and dirt courses, quarantine facilities, a polo field, barns and a veterinary clinic.

“Over 200 Saint Lucians have been employed on the first phase of the project along with 15 local contractors,” Chastanet wrote on his official Facebook page last week.

“More business employment opportunities will be created in the coming weeks with an estimated 500 jobs being created for locals as the Town Centre development phase of the project commences,” he disclosed.

According to Chastanet, very soon a training program will be conducted focusing on maintenance and administration of the track as well as training in hospitality, grooming and caring for the first set of horses which will be arriving on island before the end of the year.


  1. In your back yard. The place Kenny just spoke about how the people are made to suffer and he doesn’t want any projects to happen under this Government.

  2. What skills are being sourced? Is this additional revenue coming into the country or is it our tax revenue recirculating?

  3. Our tax revenue it is. Using taxpayer dollars to fund private sector projects. Just like OJo labs. This not too smart PM has started a dangerous precedent. I know of governments giving concessions to the private sector to promote investment but to use state funds to directly bankroll private sector projects is lunacy.

    • Do you understand the Sir Arthur Lewis’s key economic theory of industrialization by invitation? Compare how much money was invested by the government to the economic returns. Also what was invested by the investor? Do you even know these figures? How much was give to investors in previous administrations? Do you remember when the former what the former PM said when he was asked about the $40, 000,000 dollars bailout of Rochamel? He said “at least there will be jobs for people with the hotel being opened.” How much was invested in Ojo labs to have 250 young people working? The same concessions exists for locals so why aren’t they setting up shop and tapping into government finances?

      • And what about our hospitals? Did you get the news of the resignation of ALL the nurses at the ICU at VH? You see, they are directing us from the real issues and what matters most. Wtf can we really achieve from that DSH project? Oh yh, Chass don’t give a damn about us poor people and he has no profit gain from any of the hospitals but *OKU* (jackass).. I wish we all could see and understand the economic mess we will be in a few years time. Well be like Jamaica and Guyana. This government is draining our country. I wish we could all come together and overthrow these impotent clan. #massadays #backtoslavery #IMFisatourdoor

    • That same private sector is exploiting more than 85 percent of our workforce with a very low wage rate of 3 dollars an hour as most St Lucian have to survive on less than 10 hundred dollars a month that is modern day slavery

  4. This is so wierd. The horse racing industry is on life support everywhere and we get a bunch of dumbass politicians who want to build and pay for a track here for a crooked chinaman. What the hell is going on ??? Who the **** exactly is going to attend these horse races ? Nobody.

    • This is exactly my thought. Horse racing is a dying bred. People need to realize that this is going to be made for TV racing, where all the monies are bet online. If we expect to have people traveling for house racing, think again, whatever monies collected by us will be meager. The CIP monies will be propping up this venture. The biggest race track in California got closed to build a sport stadium.

      • That’s maybe the US market, however, if you look at individual markets horse racing is profitable. The editorial that you are quoting attributed the downfall to the unavailability of horses. The challenge that online business presents is faced by all businesses. It you look at individual States you can see they made billions and payed millions in taxes. We cannot use the US as a guide for our economic trends. Take real estate for example. The same factors which impact US economy does not impact ours. Ours is more of a controlled economy while the US is capitalist and an economy of scale.

      • This editorial was my first try on the Web. There are many articles if you care to look. My initial response was my personal experience with this subject. Unavailability of horses is a small part of a bigger issue. I engaged with many farriers and it’s just not a US issue, although the US has the biggest market. Farriers cross pollinate within the international community, for they are a unique group. The market right now is controlled by a few corporations and families, they call the shots. The majority of the profits from those races are made through live-streaming in casinos and online betting. This is an expensive business and a small Island like St. Lucia even with deep pocket investors can never support a horse racing facility without online betting and live streaming of races. This is a fact. Whatever little is made with spectators or local betting might just be enough to take care of one house for a month…if that. That is exactly why it’s a bad idea. Giving way too much for too little

    • Where did you get your facts??? You are certainly making this up, which economic outlook or report did you read?

    • Yeah that’s true but if Kenny had win he would have given ya’ll the same thing and nothing would have been siad about it so hush your mouth sorry labour hack.

  5. Chasatenet thats a big fat lie. I work with co williams and work has stopped. The 200 ppl in your imagination. Wtf wrong with that mule la toe.

    • The UWP gooroos are also on the move expect comments that praised anything the government says at this point

  6. I live in NY for 38yrs I cam back home in the late 90’s I had a home in Cambria Heights Queens about two miles from Belmont Racetrack They use to have races Wednesdays and Saturdays they would barley have people over there only when they would have the Belmont Stakes would draw a crowd. The horse track was more famous for the Flea Market on Saturdays and the occasionally car show. 99% of people I have spoken to (SLP and UWP) say they would go to the racetrack when its finish because curiosity gets the cat but after six month to a year it will become another white elephant like the stadium because they are not going to waste their hard earn monies on horse racing majority of them would have rather a auto race track. This is destined to be another fail Chastanet Initiative AND THATS OK. Visitors are not coming to St Lucia to watch horse race visitors want Bonafide Caribbean Lifestyle Experiences plus sun and beach. We have two golf courses right now and visitors are not all over them in droves per say so I don’t know what number 3 will bring Tiger Woods not coming to play we don’t have that kind of sponsorship . When this guy talks about how “many” St Lucians that are employed and how many local contractors partaking but he refuse to mention the high level of cronyism and nepotism between his self and MR. Guy Joseph. How many of these ”contracts ” and “jobs” are election spoils ?? You will never hear him talk about affordable housing so young working St Lucians could buy their first home and build wealth its all about is who is coming and what we are selling.

  7. The country is so divided as it relates to that horse racing track in Vieux Fort there should be More emphasis on agriculture and use that land to build housing for the working class and the poor

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