Friday, February 28, 2020

PM Says Pearl Of Caribbean Phase One On Schedule

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet says work on the Pearl of the Caribbean Project Phase One is progressing on schedule.

He has announced that the first racing event is slated for this National Day, December 13th 2019.

“Over 250 Saint Lucians and numerous contractors have benefited from employment on this project,” the PM observed Wednesday on his official Facebook page.

He noted that training for local jockeys has already commenced in preparation for the numerous opportunities that the project will create in the local, regional and international equine industry.

According to Chastanet, the Pearl of the Caribbean Project was one of several visited by the cabinet of ministers after last week’s first ever Cabinet Meeting in Vieux Fort.

“The Cabinet of Ministers visited several key development sites to receive updates,” he disclosed.

The visits also took the ministers to the St. Jude Hospital Reconstruction site.

Chastanet said the project will deliver a 90-bed facility that will cater for both inpatient and outpatient services.

He observed that it involves the construction of a new wing to incorporate all the functions and services of the existing East and Surgical Wings; Integration through retrofitting of some existing buildings to achieve a fully functioning hospital to match the services of a level 4 facility; and Revision of the internal layout of buildings to be integrated for functional efficiency and compliance to minimum standards.

In connection with the new Hewanorra International Airport which the cabinet ministers also visited, the PM asserted that this project will significantly improve air-side and airfield operations.

He pointed out that it will include a new air traffic control tower (elevating over 100ft), five new parking aprons with connecting air bridges to a 337,000 sq ft. terminal building and new road infrastructure and traffic management system.

“The new HIA will complement national efforts geared towards positioning Saint Lucia as one of the best in the region. The project incorporates a 30-year master plan for HIA will improve efficiencies and transform the customer journey and experience,” the former Tourism Minister stated.


  1. How can it be on schedule when races was postponed in the past aka independence race hmm just say it will be completed . This pm likes to lie to his people for no reason at all . Again i have never seen a hype man like that and when it comes to health he turns dumb and play this sympathetic game like he gives a s*** .

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  3. Mr. PM if you want to really impress St. Lucians show concern by giving us a date for re-opening the new St. Judes.

    When is the reopening of St. Judes?? Give us a DATE.

    If you can’t tell us, I would prefer you to allow the horse project to continue quietly; people will see for themselves.

    Right now you do come across to us as not being sensitive to or concerned about health care for the South.
    Too much interest in horses; we have heard it. Focus on making people healthy.

  4. If only this kind of attention was put on our Health care system. Instead of using Mary Isaac as a scapegoat be the front man for the St.Jude’s Project

  5. Are you’ll the ones that running the country or the PM why don’t those who knows so much of what to do and when to do don’t take up the PM ship and run the country as they would please. Why don’t you all stop shooting shate and let the Man do his work can anyone of you’ll run the country you all just running you’ll Jaws and talk shate is there anything else better to God atell U.

  6. Are you’ll the ones that running the country or the PM why don’t those who knows so much of what to do and when to do don’t take up the PM ship and run the country as they would please. Why don’t you all stop shooting shate and let the Man do his work can anyone of you’ll run the country you all just running you’ll Jaws and talk shate is there anything else better to God atell U.

  7. O well. Property and Dubai for all. I wonder when he will have the testicular fortitude to tell the Saint Lucian People that his government has agreed to That all profits gained from the DHS will be fortified to such entity and the government will start reciving profits after 99 yrs. I wonder when he will tell the people the government does not will not benifit from profit sharing from DHS Holdings. The owners and investors of DHS pays zero VAT for 99yrs but the jockeys ground keepers and “others” surely will. When Allen ?? When !

  8. So we going to finally have our own circus,I hope those twenty horses that are going to arrive any moment,can play the game.And that our workers can make some kind of a living and learn something.The church will have to give the track its blessing,it has to be blessed or else it will never be succesfull.But then horse racing with out betting,dosent work.Hope somebody gets all this right.

  9. Seems like both horses and jockeys will be local. If that were the case, I would support it, as long as the ownership of land remains local. In the mean time, let’s hope that phase 2 is the completion of the hospital.

  10. Oh my where will they take the horses when they get sick? Surely not to the horse-pital… as we are yet to get the date for its reopening. Poor horses. Poor us.

  11. Please specify which Kernisha you are because you definitely cannot be Kernisha Flavien. Probably you needed some trunking up your loose derriere.

  12. You wana know how much mierda comes out of a horses derrier every day,that you have to pick up and use as fertilizer,IF YOU SMART.Horse expulses five times a day,if hes calm,if stressed up to eight times,and some of it on the liquid side,called diarrea.Keep it clean

  13. What Cholo says is very right,besides all the poop there is also the liquid called piss,and that gets mixed up with the atraw bedding,in the padock.That has to be changed at least every two days.Start working out how much hay you need for each horse.A horse will eat 40 pounds of grass per day plus 10 pounds of grain,plus five at least buckets of water every day.You will have every month a couple of tons of smelly grass and poop,to deal with.Have fun.

  14. This mess is the compliments of the older generation trying to bring back green gold. The former PM Sir John Compton was too old run for reelection at his age . Therefore we got Stevenson King because of party hmmmm . Now this is the mediocrity we’ve to live with; no hospital . St. Lucians the broom stick is whipping you’ll ass , wake up . Thanks Sir John and the United Workers Party for destroying the country with the rest of the the crooks .

    • Did you just write this piece of rubbish? Who destroyed the country? IT’S you’ll labor hacks getting highly paid without any jobs. My gosh with you all people.

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