PM Says Saint Lucia Has Regained The Confidence Of Investors

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has declared that  restructuring of the economy has helped  to put Saint Lucia on a strong financial footing, with the result that the country has regained the confidence of business people and investors, locally and internationally.

“The budgetary proposals for the upcoming financial year are designed to achieve growth that will break the bonds of economic stagnation that has been holding back our country and our people,” Chastanet wrote on his official Facebook page.

He observed that the two previous budgets have built the foundation to cause ‘this transformation.’

“Along with the Medium-term Development Plan that it finances, is the continuation of the Government’s plan to put Saint Lucia in a position of strength – to have the people of Saint Lucia be in charge of their own destiny,” the PM explained.

“Our aim is a Saint Lucia where our children will receive an education that better prepares them for the world; our prospects for access to quality health care improves significantly; where people will be able to find meaningful and gainful employment to take care of their families; a Saint Lucia where young citizens have the opportunity to own a piece of their homeland and start or grow their own small businesses; where we have a more reliable water supply and travelling around the country becomes easier; a Saint Lucia, where we are safer,” Chastanet stated.

“I am asking all Saint Lucians to fully embrace the bold direction we are going. As a nation, we have begun to see those positive signs, which have been absent for a long time. This tells us we are on track with our plans. This tells us we are on the right path and must stay the course. Opportunities lost today can never be recovered,” he observed.

Chastanet declared that 2019 is going to be a very important year for this country.

“We must not allow ourselves to get distracted and remember always that poverty, deprivation, under- development and critically lost opportunities are the real enemies. These are the things our Government policies and this budget are designed to address,” he noted.

He asserted that be successful, collectively, Saint Lucians must strive for excellence, always.

“We must take advantage of the opportunities before us and continuously lift each other up,” the PM urged.

He called on all Saint Lucians to support the efforts being made in education, in sports reform, in curbing crime, in food security, in safeguarding the environment and in assisting the most vulnerable.

“After 40 years, we must have learned by now that we are stronger when we work
together, when we are All-in!” He stated.


  1. The same chastanet who said that St Lucian children do not need university education now says that he will give them an education to make them ready for the world..Such duplicity !!!

  2. Which investor have we seen in St Lucia for the past 3 years? So who have the confidence in this government?

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