Wednesday, August 17, 2022

PM Says Saint Lucia In Covid-19 ‘Red Zone’

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Prime Minister Allen Chastanet says that Saint Lucia is in the COVID-19 Red Zone and as a result urged citizens to rise to the occasion and ‘beat this enemy’.

“Given the numbers that we currently have, we’re in the Red Zone,” he declared.

“We need to understand that we are on alert,” Chastanet asserted.

He made the comments in a video recording he posted on his official Facebook page on Monday.

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Saint Lucia this week had recorded 13 COVID-19 related deaths and over 900 cases of the virus.

However, the PM explained that it’s very easy for the numbers to multiply once people let their guard down.

“Every single time we have let our guard down, the numbers multiply,” Chastanet asserted.

He observed that the numbers are currently higher than they have ever been before.

As a result, Chastanet said the threat is greater than ever before.

Nevertheless, he declared that Saint Lucia must co-exist with COVID-19.

“We cannot shut the country down entirely,” Chastanet declared.

“The decision as to whether we have to shut down the country is ours. The decision as to whether we are going to defeat COVID is ours,” he stated.

But he said Saint Lucia has to keep its economy open and people have to restrict their interaction.

According to Chastanet, people must  do the right things all the time including wearing masks in public, sanitising and observing social distancing.

He appealed to people to stay home and limit their interaction.

“But also, we have to hold each other accountable,” he stated.

The PM explained that this involves not only taking care of each other, but demanding that everyone adheres to the protocols.

He urged citizens to join hands to beat COVID-19 and show the world that Saint Lucia can do it.

“Let’s stay strong, let’s stay safe and let’s stay united,” Chastanet urged.

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