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PM Says Victor Maurice Killing ‘Looks Like A Hit’

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, declaring that he is a big fan of Health Minister Mary Isaac, told reporters Friday that from the perspective of a bystander, the shooting death of Victor Maurice looked like ‘a hit’.

Isaac had told a vigil for the slain former City Councillor that someone was sent to kill him.

Chastanet told reporters that he is very supportive of the minister who has done an amazing job in the Ministry of Health.

“In terms of her statement in regard to Maurice – she’s very emotional. You know, she was very close to Maurice. Clearly, from a bystander’s perspective, it looked like a hit,” the PM declared.

“I mean, the idea that a person can come to their home and somebody’s waiting for them – it smells and looks like a hit and sadly, I think this is one of the most heinous crimes that we have in Saint Lucia,” he said.

Chastanet disclosed that he has had meetings with the Attorney General.

“I am waiting for the DPP to finish with the Pratt case and what we can do to make sure that the penalties that are imposed on both the person who is paid to do the killing and the people who did the payment, are treated as one and the same and there are the harshest penalties that we can have in our country, which is capital punishment,” he asserted.

Chastanet said that sadly, some of the things Mary Isaac said “we know to be true”.

“There are people who are paying for people to be shot,” the PM told reporters.

He said he did not hear the Minister of Health make any allegations against anyone.

According to the PM, people have been trying to put words in the minister’s mouth.

He recalled that there was a killing in Rodney Bay which also looked very much like a ‘hit’.

“We have to call it for what it is,” Chastanet told reporters.




  1. The PM and ministers should avoid making assumptions without one shred of evidence as to what happened. There might be a level of truth, to what he said but he should leave this kind of talk to some in the general public to make. Hearsay is not a word one can rely on. Unfortunately this kind of talk is rampant in our society. We live by street talk and not by facts and truths. Let the evidence dictate the message.

  2. The prime minister has all the resources at his disposal to make a thorough investigation to decipher fact from fiction to put people’s mind at ease. Instead, ministers of government have people living in fear, wondering who are the hit men and if they might be the next victim. I have heard of the existence of hit men on the island for some time now, yet none has been caught and prosecuted. I would expect these allegations to be made by laymen, not by ministers of government who have the responsibility to provide security to the masses and who have the power to investigate and strengthen our national security. If we had true detectives in this country, it would be easy to set a trap to lure a hit man into it. The prime minister needs to put his money where his mouth is. Too much talk and no action. They have us wondering who might prefer him dead.

  3. It looks like a hot. For crying out loud, what is wrong with saying or expressing your opinion. Do we prefer the decision makers to keep shut and out of tune with what is going on on the ground? Too long our parliamentarians are in another world and don’t feel the pain we feel. I like the idea the minister can talk on all aspects of life that affects us. Sady but true we hv a number of hits going around, for years now. A blind eye has been turned, no laws to deal with it. We have the PM trying and working with the DPP cause hears what the ppl are saying and mingles with the ppl and we complaining. Smh. We want to go back to a PM and ministers who have chip on their shoulder hv lil or no interaction with the daily life we Lucians face and do nothing about what really affects us. I mean look at Marchand. 30 yrs run by the same man (a blind bat) and the rel problems are actually growing in Marchand. The man has no idea or clue what is really going on in Marchand. He knows about Impendence City but the life of a real Lucian in the Boulevard.

    • No, we would prefer the decision makers to be a little more aware that what they say have consequences. Especially when there isn’t any evidence to back up their claims of what’s said to the people. They should leave hearsay for people like you to disseminate
      . They are definitely entitled to their opinion but should keep it to themselves and not be out there making statements that they cannot prove.

    • When heads of state speak the masses pay far more attention than the ordinary citizens do. A proper investigation is already compromised by the revelation of those ministers. If indeed it was a hit, the hit man is on alert and may have already exited the territory. It can only raise more suspicions. One is, was the revelation deliberate to alert the hit man. The second is, how much more do the ministers know ? Was there a conflict of interest between the victim and someone whom the ministers know about. Both ministers should be interrogated .

  4. Opinions cost a dime a dozen. Some are based in fact and others in fiction. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. What separates this case from the many people who have been murdered on their premises? Am I to believe their cases were all hits? In St. Lucian lexicon, unsolved cases are hits. This makes it easier for politicians who don’t have the answers to the rising crime situation. It’s the easy way out of their ineptitude.
    Was this senior citizen a force to reckon with in the next elections? A game changer he was not. Failed politicians (both red and yellow shirts) will do or say anything to keep their faithful riled. This time is no different than the previous ones. The party die-hards will never know red herring even if they see one. They are not good at mental gymnastics.

  5. Kenny could not make Maurice safe but Chastanet did it. How many st Lucians will Chastanet make safe again? How sad. Let the 43% from Desruisseaux defend chas.

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