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Updated on July 8, 2020 5:51 pm
Updated on July 8, 2020 5:51 pm
Updated on July 8, 2020 5:51 pm

PM: SJH Construction One of The ‘Most Important Projects In History Of Saint Lucia’

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has described the construction of St Jude Hospital (SJH) as one of the most important projects in the history of this country.

In a post on his official Facebook page Wednesday, Chastanet observed that just this week some one hundred additional construction workers were added to the crews working on the St. Jude Hospital construction site.

“At the end of this week a second shift will be added, and by the end of this month a third shift. This will take operations at the site to 24/7 and full steam ahead as 300+ men and women work on one of the most important projects in the history of St. Lucia,” he declared.

“My government has promised to deliver on St. Jude Hospital and we are committed in this regard. The people of Saint Lucia have endured long enough. There is much more to come for the south and the entire island,” the PM asserted.

His Facebook post was accompanied by a video about 6 minutes long.

“I would like to share this video with all of you, in order that you may see for yourselves, up close and personal, the tremendous undertaking of this government to provide quality healthcare to the people of Saint Lucia,” the PM urged.

“Please share with all your family and friends so that every St. Lucian, at home and abroad, will know about the progress of this critical project,” Chastanet stated.


    • All of a sudden the PM find that St. Jude’s is most important project. Imagine he goes as far as saying in the history of St.Lucia. ELECTIONS COMING. SO OUR HEALTH ONLY IMPORTANT AS PART OF ELECTION TRICKS.

      • You think my PM stupid. We want to win the elections. We putting 1000 men to work on St. Judes.

  1. Allen Chastanet truly got his ancestors’ DNA. He will do any and everything to deceive our people. Why isnt he continuing on his flying spree here and there? Why isnt he calling us jackasses and doge like before? 43% people,? It’s all a game to him. Use, abuse and misuse.NOT THIS TIME MOFO…NOT THIS TIME

  2. I think the PM is right about a very important project in our history because St,Jude hospital got burnt 10yrs ago. It has been one of the most talked about issue in St.Lucia todate. We forsure welcome the fact that it is being reconstructed admist all the controversy. I want to believe that it will be one of the most modernized hospitals in St.Lucia and well equipped. We all will benefit red,yellow, green blue, we all. My concern however is sustainability of the building, water,electrictyetc when persons dont pay their bills, also with the kind of management boards that governments ,party hacks, questionable characters they put to oversee the operations and some of the staff they higher more so call management team who are all for themsleves and pocket and treat staff like nothing. Will those doctors and nurses and some line staff who have their stinking attitude be able to deliver the care we St.Lucian deserve? Customer care) Start the training now, then again some dont put to practice what they learn even with the best equipment? A building has not sense of feeling, so if theperson/people who you put to do the job fails, it means that our people will continue to be sick even with the newest building.. Looking forward to the grand opening whenever it comes. make sure it is DELIVERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    • SLP Pressure Buss Pipe and The Dam Race Track Before Health Care Saga they never anticipate such A PUBLIC BACKLASH from The Saint Lucian People from both sides of the fence, suddenly It’s ” Hear My Dear “, I have added 1,2, 3, shift to this MOST IMPORTANT PROJECT I am so happy the people seeing for themselves and not buying into his game.

  3. Mr. Hope, agreed – but let us live with some hope. NEW PORT is going through a rebirth
    so I would rather sit back and watch the revolution and the transformation of the newest
    event in the recent history of St. Lucia. Now, start digging the habour for the biggest
    cruse liners to birth. After all that, start on a new Plan for a twin city Castries + Cul de Sac.
    to relieve Castries of its congestion, traffic jam and housing problem. You have to be a
    miracle worker to see all of this accomplished in a life time – but he is relatively young.

  4. The PM is doing a great job. SLP had the seats and what Kenny were doing is draining the country dry. Took all the school desks the locals used to do locally and import all that from Trinidad, soap, oil and ketchup we used to do locally all that is now imported. Pierre and Kenny please support the new PM now who is doing a great job. SLP had all the monies he collected from England, USA and Canada and never do anything with it. Vieux Fort was left like a ghost town. Please support the PM and stop putting him down. Kenny you are now and old man pull yourself out of this and go and enjoy your retirement. Pierre support the PM and stop all these illiterate behaviour and encourage st Lucians to support the great job on the island.

  5. Hope staff attitude is a vital point. PM and government officials please get people from abroad with proper people person stills to work and line manage staff.

  6. It did seem like the most important project is/was the race track. It’s completed. St. Judes has always been an afterthought. This is all coming about because of all the pressure being put on these guys both locally and internationally. People do live this daily. We will only believe when we see. Been compiling articles that I have titled β€œ The Many Promises of the PM. They keep coming on a daily basic. Hope people see through these daily feel good stories. It’s been documented that if one feeds people with daily doses of nothing, they start believing. Taking a cue from Trumps playbook.

  7. Yaaawwwn ! Photo Ops photo ops photo ops suddenly there are photo ops for months close to a year no one new what was happening behind that perimeter ply wood fence (a piece of ply wood cost a harm and a leg in St Lucia) but thanks to PM Pierre Town Hall Visit to the diaspora suddenly there are photo ops ” I am working on it “.

  8. General elections always bring about free drinks and a few temporary jobs. They sacrificed the lives of humans for horses and to catch a few votes for jobs. Expect the airport/terminal reconstruction to start soon. All that was planned to win your votes. It’s a pattern that resurrects just before every general election. I will not be moved.

  9. SMH. 2009 TO 2016 represents 7 years of shame for all those involved with St.Jude’s at the helm. This administration has gone through the right and legal process of building construction on island. They got approval from DCA. After getting approval and designs and conducting design reviews the construction was started. There is absolutely nothing wrong with how SJH is now handled. The PM has even recommended 24-7 operations in order to deliver SJH and ppl are still complaining. If those before had things legally and right SJH would have been finished. That includes King, Kenny and co. Even Pierre and Hilaire. Chastanent plz continue and be the PM to get SJH operational again

  10. Hear the useless labourites speak about kenny pressure made them build the hospital. Smh labourites will always find some shit of no terms to yap about. If it was so much of Kenny great force. Why didn’t he used that force to complete the hospital in his own constituency? But I guess he only has the power to force someone else to use it. Or is it just that he couldn’t. Thank God for that episode of untold stories. 180+ million spent and he couldn’t complete it, nor could he answer the questions he was asked.

  11. Stopped construction for over 2 years and restarting construction1 1/2 years before elections. Its obvious he plans to use the hospital opening to win the election.

  12. It’s unfortunate, but I think St.Lucians are going to be disappointed by the end product of the St.Judes Hospital. With all the donations received and time that has passed, one would have thought that either side given the opportunity would produce a state of the art hospital, rather it seems we will have an oversized health center. Does the building not remind you of a residential home? This hospital should have been the talk of the Caribbean. This government promises modernized airports, increase in visitors but inadequate facilities to care for those visitors and its citizens in the event of an emergency.

  13. SLP πŸ™‚ He Sa*** lol what else do you’ll desire on the Island? Lol ask and you shall receive…lol True Kings and leaders don’t bow to peasants and locals demands and timeframes. What else do you’ll want from the White man and his administration…? Every project completed in every town and village SLP diehard supporters have something nagative to say. Now all you’ll can do is watch and learn. SLP left UWP with an empty tank with nothing to account. UWP had to pull strings and did all kinds of magic to finance those projects. SLP shall not win a general election for decades to come lol not in my lifetime. πŸ˜‰

    • Sherwayne M, I understand your desire to comment but can you please make an effort to post something sensible? You struggle like one still at preschool level to post something sensible. Is it that you just cannot rise above preschool level or are you just an idiot or both? Now you can get help by identifying her here: Sherwayne M is ———————–
      a) a preschool level individual
      b) an idiot
      c) both a and b
      d) too dishonest to admit.
      Clue: Sherwayne M, you can only choose one answer – a, b, c or d.

  14. Horse racing can have accidents !…so in the event that something happens where are victims expected to be treated, Martinique ?… that’s the real reason behind the sudden rush to complete St.Jude !!

  15. πŸ™‚ Decatour…obviously you lack balls. Lol for the record I am a college graduate living in America for 27 years. Have already attain the “American Dream” at my tender age. Lol 2 kids, 2 dogs and a house. Now I have some time to BS with you locals. What do you have to account for..? Lol you can’t be madd at progress. #UWP

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