PM : St Jude Hospital Structural Frame Some 70 Percent Complete

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has announced that after 7 months of work, the structural frame for the new St Jude Hospital is approximately 70 percent complete.

In a post on his official Facebook page, he observed that in November 2019, work officially commenced on the construction of the structural frame for the new medical facility.

“Though work had been delayed for a little over 1 month due to the COVID-19 partial shutdown, after 7 months of work, the structure is approximately 70% complete,” Chastanet disclosed.

He noted that the  project currently employs approximately 400 workers.

“Many of them are employed as steel benders concrete workers, carpenters, skilled workers, engineers, administration personnel and security,” the PM stated.

He noted that  the completed hospital will deliver a 90-bed facility that will cater for both inpatient and outpatient services.

“The new structure incorporates all the functions and services of the existing East and Surgical Wings; inter- connected two-storey structures; integrated through retrofitting of some existing buildings to achieve a fully functioning hospital to match the services of a level 4 facility,” Chastanet observed.


  1. Election coming . they think they fooling we again making lame pronouncement like a parent trying to pacify their child a disgruntled child .

    • Alvina made 75% complete pronouncement every year for 5 years and there was absolutely nothing respectable to show for it in the end…..I didn’t hear you complaining back then.

  2. PM don’t let the negative disturb you do what you have to do empty vessels make the most noise.The government of the day is responsible for hospitals… schools..etc it’s not red blue or yellow.Some of us is so political blind they will even paint their tombstone with the color they voting for you promised I trust you will delivered my prayers with you 🙏🇱🇨

    • Swing voter…you eh even know if is a big kennel that is being built for you! The point I am making is that I have never heard a massive publicly funded project being implemented without an end date nor a public disclosure of the budget nor a public disclosure of the full designs. Now tell me how tf is my comment anti-government!

  3. People, observe the choice of words. “Structural frame 70% complete. We do not care so much about this part, We would like to have an idea…at least ballpark dates on completion. Structural frame means we are approximately 20% complete. Just a skeleton. We need dates and not a political statement at this time. The headline should be “Hospital to be completed by a set date”. Until you can make that statement, you should refrain from giving us updates.

    • St. Lucians have never been comfortable with Allan Chastanet. They recognize a fast talker when they see one. Yet they were willing to accept him in 2016 because he presented himself as the one who would bring investments to St Lucia. Billions of $$$$$ were promised. He was the conduit, the genius at connecting with investors.

      A 6 for a 9.

      4 years on and he has failed completely at attracting the investments promised. Billions promised – nothing delivered. Instead it has been the very thing he complained about. Borrowing billions and wasting both taxes and borrowed money. No investments unless financed by local funds to foreigners.
      The one thing he was supposed to bring he has failed at providing.
      This unfortunately has been his history. The gift of gab, a spendthrift incapable of delivering.
      I will expand on more shortly. The war has begun.

      • Great piece, well said, “Boxing in Paradise”. Another one of his brain farts and another failure. Starts with a bang, but ends up a dud. Promises are useless, if you can’t back it up with concrete action.

  4. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t – on the whole, not a bad start. If the rest of 30%
    could be done by Christmas, then the nay sayers will be quiet for a time. Watch out for
    hurricane season to start. If Brick work could start soon so you can work from within then
    that’s a moral victory. Make sure that you place all necessary machinery inside before you
    encase the structure; i.e. Elevator machinery, Boilers, Ventilator and A.C., clean utilities &
    Dirty facilities, Washing machine an dryers, all disposable contaminants, water Heater and
    all conceivable Electrical and Electronic Cables and gear. We Lucians who care, pray 4 you.

  5. Was the demolition justified? Why hasnt Guy Joseph made the so-called report public? A report that cost taxpayers close to $100k is known only to Allen and Guy. Not even the other members of cabinet or opposition have that report. These two guys are outlaws.

    • I finally saw a video of the render on PM Facebook page. Kudos to the hard workers down there….ie the contractors engineers and the workers. Politicians are the disease in us trying to get a hospital in the south. They are hasty and impose retarded demands on the hard workers. How the hell you going to pay 1mill for a baseless audit to a guy whom you very well know you will give the design contract. Btw…on that video clip…Did I hear the MEP is a separate phase?????? Wth…..FYI in the construction of any complex superstructure…the services are always and must be part of the the works from day 1. Now I need to be on that payroll for such advice…ps I am not a construction professional.

  6. We are so gullible when it comes to politicians and the party we support we forget to look at things objectively. In 2012 then PM Anthony after paying hundreds of thousands on an audit of St Jude’s said that the project was 90% complete and we would be going back to St Jude’s by year end. Fast forward to 2016, Guy carried out a similar audit for even more money but this time he had numerous issues with the buildings, structural defects etc, but still promised that by year end 2017 there would be a new St Jude’s. To date have we seen any new hospital? In fact we are like 70% off where we were supposed to have been in 2012. Lucians open your eyes.

  7. Mr Prime Minister 3 questions.
    1. What is the cost of the building?
    2. Are you going to borrow more money for its completion?
    3. Did that job go through a bidding process, how many contractors bid for it?
    Please answer.

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