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PM: Success Of National Athletes Warrants More Investment In Sports

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has expressed the surety that t every Saint Lucian will agree that the continued success of our national athletes, especially the performances by this country’s  national footballers, is something that all  should be extremely proud and that the success warrants further investment in developing sports in Saint Lucia.

Chastanet stated on his official Facebook page that during Saturday’s visit by President Gianni Infantino of FIFA along with FIFA Vice-president and CONCACAF President Mr. Victor Montagliani, a tour was undertaken of the FIFA constructed Artificial Turf Football Field in Mabouya Valley, Dennery where the officials got to meet Saint Lucia’s National Under 17 Female Football team.

The PM observed that coincidentally, the president’s visit occurred on the same day that our Under-15 National team won the 2019 CONCACAF Boys’ Championship.

PM Chastanet with visiting officials

He said he is happy that FIFA has endorsed  plans for the upgrading of Saint Lucia’s sports facilities across the island as well as the holistic plan for the development of sports.

“By focusing on the development of football, cricket, track & field, basketball, netball, volleyball and the other sporting disciplines, our athletes will benefit from improvements in their skills and knowledge of their chosen discipline as well as access to more opportunities for scholarships and viable careers in sports,” Chastanet observed.

He recalled that as part of the historic visit to Saint Lucia, the FIFA President went on a site visit to the Gros Islet Secondary School which is currently being transformed into the National Sports Academy commencing this September.

“We are working together with the Saint Lucia National Cricket Association and the Saint Lucia Football Association Inc. which are the disciplines which represent the bulk of the first cohort of students. The Sports Academy will consist of the national under-15 boys’ teams in both sports, the under-15 girls’ football team, and track and field athletes.,”  Chastanet stated.

“Members of the boys’ national teams will be domiciled at the Academy, staying in newly-prepared dorms. Members of the girls’ national football team and track and field teams will be doing regular classes at the campus during the day, and will be training after school, but will not be staying overnight,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

“student-athletes will pursue a basic curriculum similar to that which obtains at secondary schools island-wide, but with a view toward ensuring that the pupils are eligible for scholarships in the USA, Canada, England and Australia. There will also be specialized instruction geared towards others careers in sports,” Chastanet said.



  1. words, words, words, … Time for action. PM Chastanet has all the right words and all the wrong action.

    • Have you forgotten the word St Judes will be opening in 6 months time by 6 times and it never happened? This is word and no action. What has this PM and not delivered? remember his term has not ended.

  2. Yes Mr. PM, we are proud of our sports men and women, because they have little or no facilities to practice their different disciplines; hare you are in the front line, just to temper with their brains! but that will not work, this is for the monkeys, or your ja’s.. Where is the minister of sports? OR? ARE YOU THE MINISTER OF EVERYTHING? OR HAVE YOU MISTAKEN YOUR PORT FOLIO? No real vision PM! LIBERATE the G.O Stadium, to start up with!

  3. Can anyone who knows more about this help me clarify:
    1) What will the organizational structure of this academy be like?
    2) Will the scholarship/ recruiting side be undertaken by staff or private agency/ individual?
    3) How long are the students expected to stay in the academy?
    4) What classes will they undertake and for how long?
    5) Will insurance be covered as part of their attendance? and by whom?
    6) What is the criteria for student athletes qualifying to attend this academy? Thanks

    And of course FIFA will endorse the plans to build playing fields all over the tiny island- why wouldn’t they? They are neither paying nor are they maintaining them!!! Still no sighting of one named Este!

  4. Maybe if this country invested more in sports years ago we would have more success than what we have now. If Grenada can have a world class sprinter so can we!

  5. We need big stadiums with athletic tracks were thousands of children can go and start learning the basics,And not small installations catered for a few elite,that will eventually move on to some profesional club,and chase the money.Stop all your dum talk,Chas.You aint fooling us any more.When I saw our miserable athletes marching in the Pan Am games,I was embarrased,to listen to the jokes,of all the guys.

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