PM Supports Decentralising Government

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet supports decentralising government in Saint Lucia.

“I strongly believe that by decentralizing Government and by providing further empowerment and resources to our Town & Village councils, that they will be better placed to address some of the issues which arise in their various communities,” he wrote on his official Facebook page.

“We are on a mission to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our Local Government Councils,” the Saint Lucia PM disclosed.

He noted that over the past few days, The Ministry of Equity, Social Justice, Local Government and Empowerment has been hosting a retreat for local government Members of Parliament, mayors and chairpersons.

This retreat seeks to identify some of the challenges and issues as well as to present viable solutions and opportunities to address them, Chastanet observed.



  1. Mr Prime Minister, Decentralizing Government is a welcomed suggestion. I must commend you and the present administration for the visionary approach of your Government. I am aware of the present Opposition’s rantings on the Political sidelines as if they are scared by the prospect of not wining the hearts and minds of Saint Lucians in the next General Election. I am confident that most Saint Lucians are not swayed by the rabble rousing of men and women in Politics who seek to divide the Country against itself. We as Saint Lucians want our Nation to prosper, we want better opportunities for the citizenry, we want accountable Government. And while is write this to show no particular favour for any Political Party, I am in total support for the Political Party that has the Nation of Saint Lucia at heart. Be it SLP or UWP and all the other Political Pees on the Island. So Mr Prime Minister, any policy that will give people greater independence, greater security, greater opportunities etc etc is gladly welcomed. I do trust Saint Lucians will reject Politicians that seek to divide us as a Nation.

  2. AA but i thought that the administrative centre building in vieux-fort was meant to do just thay. why did you stop it?

  3. Finally … it was time!!! Decentralising is a very good move, and should also include motor vehicle licencing.

  4. PM, all what you do the niggers is fantastic, we the Whites will always dominate over the blacks because they still thinking like slaves. Niggers hate Niggers in St Lucia.

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