Friday, November 15, 2019

PM Touts Biggest Ever Road Construction Project Now Underway

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet says his administration is currently executing the largest road rehabilitation project that this country has ever seen.

“Work has already commenced in Saltibus, Cas en Bas and Ti Morne,” he wrote on his official Facebook page on Saturday.

According to the PM, in the coming days, work will commence on roads in Dennery South, New Development in Soufriere, Belair and Micoud South.

He expressed gratitude to the the residents of Blanchard, Desruisseaux and La Courville for attending l a community consultation on the upcoming road rehabilitation projects in their constituency.

“The Blanchard and Spring Road Reconstruction Projects are here and ready to commence,” Chastanet, who is also the MP for Micoud South, announced.


  1. Yaawwwn. Pierre still out of town I see . So like they say on the fashion runway. “you better work. ” Run your pictures run your impromptu. When they reach VF South let us know both sides of the fence complaining. about the worst than third condition of St Jude Hwy.

  2. And the money to properly train and equip the police to fight the scourge of crime we have? And the money to hire more judges to ensure due process goes through quickly? And the money to equip and train our medical personnel? I guess roads are the only thing that matters. Give the criminals better roads to make their getaways.

  3. LEO CLERK: you right, Lucians have no clue what they want, a whole bunch of cry babies and complainers.
    if things are soooooooo bad in st lucia just leave, “good luck with that”.
    the roads are bad, they now fixing it and its now problem! that [email protected] above talking about making better roads for criminals to make they getaways??,… bro, are you suffering from a stroke or something and can’t think clearly?, please leave your comments to yourself. smdh

    • JUSTSAYING, I am just saying that you damn rude to ask people who express their opinion to “just leave”. We born here and have the right to express right here. If you don’t like us expressing here, then perhaps you should leave. We know what we want- we want proper health care before roads. And we have the right top express that thinking. You want roads first and it is ok to express that. You stanmd behind your white massa and as a damn slave that is ok too. He even want to insult people by referring to them as “[email protected]” when only a [email protected] will call somebody “[email protected]” for merely expressing. you are the one who appear to be suffering from the stroke or something and can’t think clearly. So you, JUSTSAYING, should leave your damn comments to yourself.

  4. When they do something right praise them…the roads are bad its being fixed thank you…..please please please fux the hospital situation its needed also

  5. Can someone please tell me is the Forestierre road part of this project or is it independent cause it surely wasn’t mentioned as part of the BIG road rehabilitation project mentioned I await the response PM

  6. Stop playing with our brains, we gave you the mandate, so get on with the job, stop your bragyng, who will do the job, if not this Government? stop this broken dics! and move on, after all!

  7. Lol who are you’ll for the PM to bow to time frames and priorities. Who cares which project gets started first….lol as long as projects are completed…work is being done. When the 5 years are up, all promised projects will be completed with many more that was not initially on the agenda. FYI: Start taking better care of you’ll health in order to keep out of a hospital. As a Native Doctor I personally detest Hospitals in general. The reconstruction of St. Jude will only be a bandaid to St. Lucian constantly rising issues….and such the PM and team knows. Please be appreciative of all the work that is being done, and worry not of time frames or which project gets to start first.


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