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Updated on June 6, 2020 9:30 am
Updated on June 6, 2020 9:30 am
Updated on June 6, 2020 9:30 am

PM: UK-Based Saint Lucians Looking To Return Home

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has told reporters here that United Kingdom-based locals he met last week at a Town Hall meeting in London want to return home.

Chastanet said in excess of four hundred people attended the gathering.

“I think what was interesting is the number one question on people’s minds is a lot of people are looking at the possibility of moving home, ” the Saint Lucia Prime Minister disclosed.

“I think we were able to outline what my government is currently undertaking in Saint Lucia as it pertains to health; education; security and also in terms of growing our economy,” he told reporters at a news conference Monday.

Chastanet observed that there are a lot of skilled Saint Lucians living abroad.

He said he was ‘incredibly encouraged’ by their observations of the changes that are taking place in Saint Lucia.

According to the PM, the overseas based locals are legitimately looking at the opportunity of moving back home.

“We spoke specifically about the investment opportunity at Sandy Beach and what the government is doing there and we also spoke about the new housing developments that are taking place that they should try to take advantage of,” he recalled.

Chastanet noted that with the improvement of the band width capacity in Saint Lucia, the opportunity is available to operate small businesses out of  this country to the rest of the world.

He stated that he was very encouraged by the feedback he received.

” I know that the Ministry of Investment and also Invest Saint Lucia as well as Export Saint Lucia will be going on a road trip to England; to New York. I believe they are going to the investment conference in Jamaica as well,” the PM observed.

“When they go to New York and also to England they will also be having separate presentations specifically with the diaspora in terms of the  investment opportunities that are available,” he told reporters.


  1. Where is the development taking place; we rely only on tourism yet the docks have been empty since March of this year. It is said that we receive record numbers of overstayed visitors yet not one soul on the streets, I guess they stayed in their hotel rooms for fear of being heckled by the locals. So the diaspora will come out of London and purchase those cozy houses that are being build all over the place; just take a look at the housing development in Dominica?

  2. What health n educational changes??? Where? Vh still shiityy!!??! Schools still got plenty problems. Yall takking a million years to move vh to the new hospital! Nurses still being treated badly. So whatt changes u talking about? Oh plzz

  3. It’s obvious that lying is part of the PM genetic makeup. Clearly this guy is an idiot. If you Allen lived in the UK. Would you want to come back “home” given the state the country is in?

    Perhaps the PM meant most St lucians want to go to the UK. I have heard that he is bipolar

  4. PM did say once in parliament that the opposition can’t substantiate their own lies. Seems now he is the opposition

  5. Pm of st Lucia stop telling lies on the st Lucian that Living in the UK,they will return home in their own time but not while u are rulling never.

  6. What a load of Baloni
    ****** bull****

    You know the song:
    I rather stay with you and all your bull****

    Well it is now: I rather stay where I am with all my Brexit than with all your bull****

  7. That must have a very different meeting from the one I was at. A whole set of lies Allen said in that article. He was rambling on all issues like a mad man hopping from dream to dream. Avaitay garde tun!!

  8. Mette Mwen, you are spot on.
    He seems to forget that there are many recordings of this meeting on Facebook. Why lie when anyone who cares can very easily follow the true set of events? There are so many lessons to be learnt here, key amongst them:-

    Lesson 1 – Learn to read a room – starting a speech by saying before you came into power nothing was good in the country is not the best of starts. This set a negative tone.

    Lesson 2 – Deflection is an unattractive strategy – you have been Prime Minister for more than 3 years, saying the opposition did or didn’t do, no longer constitutes a response to questions such as ones on the state of Victoria Hospital.

    Lesson 3 – Past decisions made in haste do come back to bite, especially when the outcome results in negative impacts to National organisations. – I was astounded to hear you mention Sir Derek Walcott during your discourse. Yes he is an iconic son of the soil so why then was the subvention for National Trust revoked? How have you contributed to celebrating his greatness apart from using his name in the tourism advertising campaign? What was the thinking when the project to redevelop Sir Derek Walcott’s childhood home and build a theatre and performing arts centre on Water Works Road was draining of funding? The local area is poorer for your choice.

    Lesson 4 – When Learning lessons, learn the whole lesson – Yes Singapore has a wonderful economy but you failed to acknowledge more importantly, their happy citizens. No need to look so far afield for the way forward, for it was the Sir Arthur Lewis Model of Development. Yes, Sir Arthur Lewis, our first Saint Lucian Nobel Prize winner and the one after which our Tertiary College is named after. That begs the questions – Why you are playing politics with our children’s education by financing the foreign organisations OJO labs you mentioned while stating the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College is being subsidised? When are you going to reopen the Teacher Training Division of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College ? Or is that also doing our children a favour?

    Lesson 5 – Read through lessons 1 – 4 and decide how much better the country is for having you and your administration in power. What will your legacy be? I am available for further discourse should you wish to collaborate on a really plan for development.

  9. This PM is disrespectful of the St Lucian people. To promote the state of health care in St LUCIA is a sick joke. The BS this guy spews is intolerable. Time to get rid of him ; he is a sick man .

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