Thursday, September 29, 2022

PM Unveils Plan To Help Vulnerable Citizens Cope With Electricity Price Hikes

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On Monday, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre announced a plan to help vulnerable Saint Lucians cope with anticipated increases in the price of electricity due to hikes in the cost of fuel.

Pierre, responsible for Finance, told reporters that disadvantaged individuals, people who have no income, and those who are unemployed would benefit.

“The government has initiated a social security fund,” the Castries East MP told reporters on the sidelines of a meeting of the cabinet.

And he explained that the fund would support the vulnerable according to their needs.

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Pierre said there would be a process through the Saint Lucia Social Development Fund (SSDF) regarding accessing funds.

“They will know as soon as this budget is over,” he revealed.

The St. Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) announced in a release Friday that despite its fuel-price hedging programme and renewable energy efforts, the sharp hike in oil prices would increase the fuel surcharge for electricity bills.

Prime Minister Pierre remarked that the answer to the problem includes less dependence on fossil fuels.

“We have to plunge deeper into renewable energy,” he observed.

In this regard, Pierre said the government is pursuing a review of the Electricity Supply Act.

“That should happen very soon,” he observed, adding that as a result, the use of renewable energy would temper the cost of electricity.

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  1. @The Great Reset, no and no. If this continues my family and I will move out. And I do have a home, but we need to think of future generations.

  2. It’s amazing that everything that has to happen for the poor and disenfranchised has to take place after budget but the cabal and friends didn’t have to wait. Just like the last regime this government always put the poor last…… what guarantee is there after budget? You have already made a point of blaming the last administration for your inability to keep your election promises and you will come with the same excuses after budget too. You guys intend to live large at the tax payers expense for 4 years and in the last year all the people you kicked aside will suddenly be remembered with a few crumbs to come fight for you again. You guys better think twice about that. SLP people are very unforgiving people. Chuuups

  3. They should also cushion the rising cost of building materials. A sheet of plywood which was $125 last May is now $175. Whether or not you are building a wooden or brick house, you will need plywood. At this rate my child will not be able to build a house?

  4. Reduced fee on solar panels you can get them from Trinidad , it’s the battery and inverter that’s costly. Implement solar street lights (I have two they work excellent) go and beg Taiwan for help to fund solar projects for schools and government buildings, hospitals, these are the things Jackass Allen should have done. Instead of Lucians sending down guns in barrel tell them to go Casco and buy a solar starter kit for $800 2 panels, a battery and inverter, you cant go wrong, you can run two bulbs and a fridge off it and maybe a standing fan.

  5. The poor people who voted for this slp administration gonna feel the pressure…they hacks wouldn’t mind because they have solar panels…lucians open y’all eyes.

  6. If anyone of you think the government cares about lowering electricity prices, think again. The government is on of the largest shareholders in lucelec. More profit for lucelec means more dividends for the government. If they cared at all they would remove all duties on home solar/wind installations to allow people to escape the lucelec tax. Actions speak louder.

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