PM Urged To Meet Vieux Fort Residents To Discuss Projects In The South

The Vieux Fort Concerned Citizens Coalition for Change  (VF4Cs) has written to Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, urging him to meet residents of Vieux Fort to discuss projects planed for the area.

The July 2, 2019 letter said the organisation was  aware of the public presentation made by Chastanet on Saturday, June 15, 2019 to his constituents of Micoud South on projects planned or earmarked for the Vieux-Fort Area, with the potential to support or enhance the economic and infrastructural development of the south of the island.

“These projects included the DSH Horse Race Track, the redevelopment of the Hewanorra International Airport, the construction of a marina with 15 hotels and off-shore island, among others,” the letter noted.

VF4Cs  letter, signed by Julius James, observed that the group embraces and promotes engagements of that nature between elected representatives and their constituents.

It noted that they provide opportunities for them to share and discuss important information on matters that will impact their well-being.   

However the letter to Chastanet stated that given the “scope and significance” of the projects in the South and the perceived extent of their direct short- and long-term impacts on the human and physical environments of the Vieux-Fort Area, VF4Cs finds it surprising that Vieux-Fort residents have not been given or informed of a similar opportunity to discuss these projects with the PM.

The residents of Vieux-Fort are most likely to be directly impacted by your projects but have not been provided with any details. Your town hall meeting with only Micoud South constituents creates the impression that employment and other benefits arising from these projects are intended exclusively for them,” the letter declared.

VF4Cs adheres strongly to the principle that local residents must be regarded as legitimate and moral stakeholders in any developmental programme planned for their area. Therefore, Vieux-Fort residents ought to be fully informed about these major projects and should not be made to feel that they are being excluded from the discussions being undertaken by you,” it asserted.

As a result, the VF4Cs  said it “kindly requests” that the PM convene a meeting in Vieux-Fort as soon as may be practicable, to acquaint residents with his projects for the Vieux-Fort Area and address concerns or comments they may have relating to the potential impacts and other aspects of the projects.   


  1. The group should meet with the view fort people and explain why they are so political and don’t want to see some stuff done in vfort. They should also meet the people of vfort and explain why a group to fight against things being done rather than a group to advocate and push for more things to be done. Now Mr PM if you haven’t met the people you should but the concerned citizens group they are fakes sorry to say they know they are. Let your conscience guide

  2. Granny always say “when you catch fish give it rope before you reel it in”. VF people not looking from no meeting from him. Sooner or later pressure buss pipe. We know we have all the aces that’s vital to the survival and day today day economics of this country leave him right where he is. Make the pressure cooker boil it nice I love it. It’s sooner rather than later he will bend over for us.

  3. Julius James Sans hont santi caca Man go hide your ogly face Kenny did nothing for vf to move that place forward, now you spear heading a group he formed want to come and talk crap.

    Jolious where is the human resource centre for vf the community centre? where are those things joliuos , Jolious his beloved people of bruceville many are still pooping in plastic bags.
    Jolious ou ni chè wii.
    There have been a spate of crime in vieux fort not once has Kenny nor ypur group has shown concern about it,
    But today you’ll concern about projects for the South.
    Take a ******* back seat and watch this place transform to the Mecca of the Caribbean.
    Now Go sit yoh Arse Down.

    • Ee sum uh nee tete uh un too bada boug la uh ca pwen lodere caca consa. Uh car pwen lodere telmun uh fini par kar dee “sit your arse down”. New Dispensation malpop.

  4. JJ is one of the biggest useless in Vieux Fort. He is a Non-Entity. He can’t speak of being of any use in VFort with the exception of being a commentator at a horse race. Work is starting in VFort and their A**es are hot. Shitty protest at St Judes last Thursday now this. Did these guys ask Kenny any question when he started building the so called Office building? No Plan, No DCA approval and the land was not yet assigned. What do you want to know about the airport? This is the different between the empowered people in Castries and the people of VFort lead by a bunch of idiots. Sandals is building a new hotel in the North and there is no problem with that. Whiles the people of Castries are being empowered by the employment created in the North, men like JJ and MM have tried their best to keep VFortians in the dark so that they can be manipulated for the election. PM do your job. There are 100s of youth in the south who is presently certified in the Hospitality industry waiting for these jobs. We have the evidence that these idiots are operatives of the opposition. Go and get Frederick to inform you as usual. The airport is a National project. Why compare it with community projects where the Parliamentarian rightfully discusses with his constituency on these community projects. The proper authority, Invest St Lucia, will come to us, as they have been doing, when it is appropriate.

    • But those jobs will not take you anywhere in life, how many hotel workers can face a bank for a mortgage for a house and land how many hotel workers have move from working class to middle class no not one

  5. I believe it would be wise for the Prime Minister to hold a Town Hall meeting with the VieuxFort constituents. Labour Supporters included. however any development for the South should be in the interest of all the People yellow white or red. They are Saint Lucians first and foremost.

  6. Julius James! How much interest you really have in the welfare of the VFort People. Tell me why haven’t you and the so called VF4Cs show concern of the continuous dismal performance of the VFort Primary school at the common entrance exams.

    • Well you think it easy for private sector workers to purchase books to educate their children when most workers earn less than 900 hundred dollars a month working for security companies like Guardsman who exploit the people as they earn 4:24 cents an hour working 12 hour shifts why do you think is more Jamaicans and Guyanese who put up those low life jobs

  7. Julius James is just a political Hack. He is NOT interested in Vieux Fort. Just his own political hay and his pocket. He wants a meeting to try to shout at and embarrass the PM. Why did nt you talk to KDA who did NADA fo the area…

  8. Why can’t the PM meet with the constituents no matter what colour. It is just the right thing to do. We need to stop looking at everything through the coloured lenses.

  9. I feel so shame for some of you, especially those of you who are afraid of WHITE people. You all rather kill a Black man to save a WHITE man. This is a shame. How much money did Two Along come St Lucia with to start this project?
    Let the 43% of idiots answer this.

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