PM Urges Citizens To Change Bad Habits

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has  urged his countrymen to change their bad habits in an address to mark this country’s  41st anniversary of independence.

He urged  citizens to come together to get rid of habits that continue to stifle this country.

“Should we continue to drive as recklessly as we do? Look how many people, especially young people, have been killed in traffic accidents in the last five years, many of them talented boys and girls, some victims of recklessness and crass stupidity,” Chastanet lamented.

He asserted that figures for serious traffic accidents are on the increase, causing mayhem and grief for families and friends of the victims.

“How many people were killed because of personal differences and the inability to resolve conflicts peacefully? We have to develop the capacity to forgive and walk away,” the PM observed.

“Why are our young people choosing the path to gangs? The path to a life of crime and ultimately death? This has to stop,” Chastanet declared.

He said the pictures of young Brandt Jean publicly and in open court in Dallas, Texas, hugging and forgiving a policewoman who had shot and killed his brother, sent a powerful message of love and forgiveness to the entire world.

“But how many will follow his example?” Chastanet asked.

He noted that there are other dangerous habits which harm the country; like cheating on taxes, failure to collect taxes and dues owed to the government, whether it’s in hospitals, Customs department or the Police Department.

According to Chastanet, it cannot be right when 95 percent of the traffic tickets issued by the police remain unpaid.

“More and more the social problems confronting our country have their genesis in practices and habits that start small. We ignore them in our homes, in our schools, in our communities and the reality is it comes back to haunt us all,” the Prime Minister said in his address.

“When will it stop, unless we put a stop to it?” He asked.

The Prime Minister observed that the advent of social media has given citizens a great communication tool.

“But instead we use it to hurt each other, spread gossip and sometimes even malign our own country without considering the consequences,” he urged.

“It is time to change such habits. It is time that we together identify the simple ways in which we can all pull up our socks and do our part to make Saint Lucia a better place. This is what togetherness means,” the PM declared.

“This is a call to action; a call to develop a change in attitudes. Let us collectively take stock and recommit ourselves to Saint Lucia, to take control of our own destiny,” he asserted.

“The words of our national anthem were well chosen, in its call to all Saint Lucians to “love the land that gave us birth.” This is one of the basic requirements of true patriotism,” the PM pointed out.

“The words of our National Pledge also speak of the principle of nationalism, as we proclaim to serve our country “with pride and dignity and to defend it with vigour and valour in the pursuit of excellence, justice and equality for all.” The fact is that these ideals require discipline and commitment,” he stated.









    • He could have said it better if he would say since we are celebrating 41 years of Independence and its time to change, I will do these 41 things:
      (1) I will follow the law and cause a Deputy Speaker to the House of Assembly;
      (2) I will release the results of these promised investigations for the last three years;
      (3) I will show togetherness by not standing in the way of Janine Compton being Director of SLNT, a position she is well qualified for;
      (4) I will stop putting foreigners over St. Lucians;
      (5) I will stop lying to the people I lead
      (6) I will make Guy and Gale account for the way the moneys allotted to their Ministries are spent;
      (7) I will tell Gale that all the Ministry’s work cannot go to her brother and uncle;
      (8) I will ensure that Guy accounts for the millions in direct awards;
      (9) I will restore funding to Blind Welfare Association and National Trust;
      (10) I will seek not to destroy the Unity of CARICOM;
      (11) I will encourage serious national dialogue on matters of national interests and not seek to run the country arrogantly
      (12) I will publicly apologise for calling people “jackasses” and “barking dogs”;
      (13) I will restore the national radio station, Radio St.Lucia;
      (14) I will apologise for ceremonially removing Dame Pearlette, a proud Laborian, as GG to put someone who betrayed the people of Laborie
      (15) I will stop using taxpayers money to tour the world and also stop the excessive travelling that Gale is doing;
      (16) I will apologise for the Ubaldus’ fiascos;
      (17) I will keep my promise to correct the crime situation since I indicated in 2016 the former government could not but that I could;
      (18) I will begin to deal with the crime situation by firing the inept Minister of national Security;
      (19) I will publicly condemn Spider Montoute’s indiscipline with the use of obscenities in public and I will investigate the Pig Farm Scandal;
      (20) I will correct giving a foreign billionaire $30 million of poor NIC contributors money when he could have used his own or take a loan from a commercial bank;
      (21) I will apologise for maintaining the health care system in such a poor state – refusing to commission OKEU and playing politics with St. Jude’s
      ( 22) I will fire Mary Isaac for her irresponsible statement about killings without providing the information to police;
      (23) I will accept responsibility for burning St.Lucia with a huge loan for the airport when that burden could have been avoided through a PPP
      (24) I will apologise to public servants for the poor treatment during the last negotiations;
      (25) I will end the horrors that public health professionals are going through:
      (26) I will ensure that the people really benefit from the 2.5 % reduction in VAT and that it does not remain in the coffers of big business while the people are in fact paying more
      (27) I will reveal the true state of the economy and government financial position and stop lying about;
      (28) I will investigate what went wrong at national lottery; publish the results and if needs be make Nancy pay;
      (29) I will investigate what went wrong at UDC/NHA and cause offending parties to pay;
      (30) I will make Sandals pay back the 24.5 million dollars of the people’s money
      (31) I will cause Teo Arkim to repay the moneys spent by government in what was a private concern;
      (32) I will apologise for putting priority on horses before people;
      (33) I will bring closer to the IMPACS situation as I promised in 2016;
      (34) I will apologise for the careless demolishing of buildings with historical significance to the Island;
      (35) I will fir Mary Isaac for her incompetence in the Ministry of Health;
      (36) I will let the Millennium Road repair project, which is one year late,start by not insisting that the CDB gives it to a firm that is not qualified;
      (37) I will have Guy apologise for openly admitting that he lied to a foreign government;
      (38) I will apologise for the millions of tax payer dollars I paid to Ernst and young to prepare budgets that could have been done by the Ministry of Finance
      (39) I will apologise for depriving thousands of students of laptops over the last three years but as election is coming trying to rush an eBooks programme in some schools;
      (40) I will abolish that position that I created giving Nancy a job that she is not qualified for at taxpayers’ expense;
      (41) I will stop this irresponsible and lavish spending without proper parliamentary approval it better.

      • Treble geot, I tried hard to keep it to 41since PM claimed it was 41st anniversary speech. But you are right that telling the people how much cip money has been collected and what have been done with it should have been a top one.

  1. Practice what you preach- why don’t you squash your beef with Janine Compton-Antoine which shows “togetherness” and let the lady lead the SLNT. You see most of your words are empty and the country follows the example of our leaders. Hence why society are exhibiting such bad habits

  2. This has to THE BIGGEST JOKE EVER “pay taxes.” “collect taxes” The nerve let’s start with you and your Clique of friends on this island in the business community WHO PAY LITTLE OR NO TAXES how much tax did you pay over the last decade Allen Chastanet open your books. This is one of the reasons this country is so broke the rich pay little or no taxes and they own most if not all the lands. This is what’s wrong with st Lucia AND KILLING ST LUCIA is the fact that the average citizen bares the burnt of everything. Although you are part of the problem AND CONTINUE TO BE. I must give you credit for mentioning it Saltun of Buni . Your family Empire owns how much and pays how much ?? Joker. This is why I like Pierre,& a local boy who came up thru the ranks without a gold spoon in his dam mouth that understand the average St Lucian needs.

  3. Teach by example, Mr. PM. Why did you give Sandals $24 million of the hotel taxes collected for the people of Saint Lucia? Why is it fine for you and your cohorts to cheat on your taxes and others carry the burden? Stop indulging in hypocrisy Mr. PM.

  4. I am still blown away by this Guy. (Fact) Thee O King pays NO TAXES FOR 99 YEARS not even VAT . St Lucia collects ZERO proceeds from Horse Racing (fact) but yet he is still adamant about putting on a show. Lord help us please from those who are in charge of governing us.

  5. Was that the PMs 41st Anniversary speech? Please tell me that was not it. I was expecting something more uplifting. Social problems are rooted deeply. We need solutions but finger pointing and blaming. Who is responsible? Who needs to provide leadership?

  6. Take your own advice. You eh fooling nobody you ignoramus I surprise you didn’t shed your usual crocodile tears while giving that speech. Burn Satan(Chasenet)and all his cohorts of iniquity in the UWP.

  7. Hood thing out PM is not thin skinned and won’t be perturbed by the hungry SLP hacks ready to take a good message and politicize it.

    Kudos to you Mr PM!!

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