Wednesday, January 22, 2020

PM Urges Citizens To Put Away ‘Silly Squabbles’

Asserting that he is excited about the prospects for 2019, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has urged Saint Lucians to put away “petty and silly squabbles.”

“As our country continues its upward trend, I want to appeal to all Saint Lucians that it is time that we put away the petty and silly squabbles that constantly seem to surface and which only serve to foment division,” Chastanet said in an address to the nation Sunday night.

“ It is time that we come out of the mindset that everything that government does must be subject to a political interpretation, or be seen as opportunity to create mischief, confusion and division,” the Prime Minister declared.

He asserted that nation building is a serious matter.

“We cannot solve the problems of our country in isolation. It’s a holistic adjustment that we must make in how we approach the business of our country. If we make these needed adjustments, it will amount to a significant change in the overall result,” the PM explained.

He noted that the government recognizes that there are constraints to growth and is doing its part to tackle those issues and be accountable.

“We have engaged the private and public sectors in an in-depth exercise of developing a medium term strategy, which encourages accountability,” he stated.

“If we are to think of the economy doubling and tripling in size, we have to look at the stark reality of what would prevent that from happening and address it,” he told the nation.

Chastanet said that as the country begins the New Year and on the eve of what he is confident will be a defining moment in the economic and social development of Saint Lucia, Saint Lucians should all come together and begin to build  “the new Saint Lucia that has become the battle cry for our government and the way forward into the future.”


  1. That all good, but the PM must first tell that to His Cabinet of Ministers including the RoRo King, De Wise GUY!

  2. Petty squabbles. So you tell me that you can just behave any way you want and we are supposed to accept it. Stop with the disrespect and insults to our intelligence.

  3. Is that the same Prime Minister who said ‘good governance can get in the way of progress’. If these words were not so scary coming from the mouth of a prime minister it would maybe be funny. What a Trumpion blockhead!

  4. Allen you need some serious introspection…really? But you’re the petty one with your nasty UNITEDpac brand posting garbage daily!

  5. The government sets the tone for the rest of the country. They should lead by example. For St. Lucia to advance, the government has to involve all its citizens in nation building, including the opposition parties. None should be omitted as everyone has ideas to share. Not all will be taken onboard but many of these ideas may make a significant difference. I realize that the PM confined his remarks to generalities, there was no specificity. Urgent attention and much if should be given to unemployment especially among the young, crime, healthcare, public servants’ salaries, national unity, infrastructure and meritorious promotions in the public sector. Presently, there isn’t much to smile about from the government’s 2+ years of performance.

  6. So now that things are good with this country what are you gonna give your civil servants, we have been patiently waiting for the bonus/lump sum…can you give it to us now?

  7. If you look look for the word HYPOCRISY in the dictionary you’ll see a portrait of the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia

  8. When you throw stones in a pig pen those that squick are those that get hit .those comments tells exactly who got hit .

    • You just unwittingly provided some insight into your mind and thinking. What your saying is that if something doesn’t affect you directly of works in your favour you should keep your mouth shut no matter how reckless, wrong, unfair or hurtful to others it is. You’re a man of very little empathy or foresight Mr Joe.

  9. Well, well well.. my PM, I have spent exorbant amount of monies on my nursing career, and to this day I can’t find a job..i have ask to volunteer my time to your institution, and to this date myself and others have not been successful..what do you have to say..uh

  10. Mr.PM. that is exactly what we should do if we want progress; and you? Nation building should be the concern of everybody, from all walks of life, i agree! How can we participate if you our leaders are treating us with arrogance and mépris, calling us names, never available to converse with us; are the opposition members not Saint Lucian? Why are they not part of your discussion? Is that what we call nation building? Sir, with all due respect, i believe this thing is in your mind, but not in reality! I know that you can do better than that, that is why I supported you! But Sir, sad to say: you are letting me down; try something positive, and let’s move on altogether, for Nation building, it is high time for us to teach these wayward ones a lesson! Opinion expressed, according to the above article!

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