PM urges fathers to be role models

Asserting that fatherhood is it is one of the greatest honours  in life, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has appealed to the nation’s fathers to be role models.

“The fact is that too many of our precious Saint Lucian children are growing up without a Dad to provide direction and most of all love. We must be mindful that many of the social ills we suffer can be traced back to the lack of a father figure. Our nation needs men who are committed, responsible and involved,” Chastanet wrote in a post on his official Facebook page in observance of Father’s Day.

“I encourage all fathers to be a real part of your children’s lives. Be a role model. It is never too late to step up and be a father. They need you; our country needs you.”

“Nothing can ever replace hearing your kids say “Daddy” for the first time, (especially if it’s before they say “Mummy”) or watching them take their first steps. Those moments are priceless,” the PM wrote.

“Your natural instincts always is to protect them and guide them through life’s ups and downs. Most of all it’s the simple lessons they teach you. The way they make you laugh and the way they make you feel when they call you “the best dad ever.”

Referring to his own children, Rhyan and Braden, Chastanet said they light up his life.

He disclosed that he is honoured every day to call himself their father.

Chastanet also expressed gratitude to his own father, Michael Chastanet, for his love and guidance.

” I would not be the father I am today were it not for the lessons he taught me,” the PM declared.

“As we celebrate Father’s Day, I call on every Saint Lucian to reach out to the men who have played an integral positive role in your life,” he said.

Chastanet wished a happy Father’s Day to all “our Saint Lucian Dads, Granddads and men who play the role of a father figure every day.”



  1. Thanks PM we have a serious issue with our men in ST Lucia not stepping up. We need to discuss this as nation.

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