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Updated on July 8, 2020 5:51 pm
Updated on July 8, 2020 5:51 pm
Updated on July 8, 2020 5:51 pm

PM Urges Peace, Friendship And Harmony On Remembrance Day

Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, in a message to mark Remembrance Day, has urged his countrymen to foster peace and seek friendship and harmony.

“On this Remembrance Day, this centenary of the ending of the first major conflict of the world, let us resolve first and foremost, to forever foster peace among ourselves, to seek friendship and harmony at all times, and then attempt to replicate these principles in our Caribbean region and the rest of the world,” Chastanet wrote on his official Facebook page.

“We must always remember that our welfare as a people is forever entwined and that there is greater merit in seeking unity and consensus rather than confusion and chaos. If there is one consolation in all this, it is in the often-expressed hope that good always triumphs over evil,” the PM observed.

He noted that every year at this time, Saint Lucia joins others in the rest of the free world to honour and pay respects to those who sacrificed their lives for them in the two world wars.

According to Chastanet, the occasion is aptly referred to as Remembrance Day.

He explained that this year’s commemoration has added significance as it marks the 100th anniversary of the ending of the First World War.

The PM stated that exactly one hundred years ago, this Sunday, a treaty came into force ending fighting on land, sea and air between the Allies and their opponent, Germany.

“One hundred years later, Remembrance Day continues to be an occasion for great international nostalgia, as we re-enact somewhat that moment in time when nations stood toe to toe to defeat a mighty enemy. It was a costly conflict that resulted in more than 15 million fatalities. I am truly humbled by today’s events and I thank you once again on behalf of the Government for your service to your country and the world,” Chastanet said.


  1. 11/12/2018
    Be hunters of the best in people, bring your focus in good and not evil, you have been trying to do too much but remember, I said follow me and not follow you. You are coming out of all what you are going through, your living water is flowing out of wells you can’t see, only when you become still will you see what I am doing, do not care of what others think. The road will get rocky as things unfold before you, the scenery will change and make way for gold. Even when things are demanding your attention, its time to put it down, I am sending you new faces, be kind to your brothers and sisters. I have not sent you as a messenger of all but, some, people watch you but do not know you, you must seek my presence daily. Do not let pride rule your hearts but take inventory as to what I am doing, we are going to do great exploits together.
    Today, find that the battle of your strength has been won, be of the Kingdom and for the Kingdom, use what I have given you to change the atmosphere. You are to wear the mind of Christ, to build up and not tear down, seasons change but like a fog, the enemy is trying to blind you of all that I am trying to do for you. You are now walking in my identity, I will not scold nor chase you away but let Christ be your advocate in all matters, not everything will happen in the immediate but release and forgive. I will redeem and restore and I will heal you, many have doubted that I am with you, I will complete what has started around you. No one can undo what I have ordained, we are going to realms where man has never been, gather your things for we are going to places that you have never been.
    Seasons are changing quickly and what worked against you will now work for you, my answers are Yes and Amen, do not become wounded but my people need to release the mind of the pharisee, do not stop pressing but soon you shall arrive. I am not expecting you to be where I am not able and I will never lose track of where you are, I am undoing the twisted lies spoken over you this very day and second chances are yours and my store houses are open to you and it is time to rest in my peace. Have you allowed the enemy to take a foothold in your life? You asked because this is the relationship that we have together, keep digging deeper because I have not called you to be limited. You were all like the prodigal son who came home, you are my beloved who I gave my life for and nothing is hidden from me, you couldn’t create yourself, you have longed and wished to give yourself mercy. Trust the process of becoming, can you believe that I can take you further, you have wondered if you did something wrong, hope differed has made you weary but you have done a good job. Do not underestimate your own impact, new seasons brings you new angels and the pushback you have been experiencing is moving way.
    When you refuse to turn around, you must open your eyes for what you cannot see, tomorrow is a new day and my angels are at your steps to help you. To grow you must be challenged but let your spirits coming down be aligned with your heart. My people, I am doing a wonderful and a new thing right now but when you walk against what I am showing you, you let yourself to the enemy.
    Release your vocal cords and sing praises unto me, look what I have presented before you right now but you were made with wholeness, I know what you are capable of and I have written down your destiny, everything will be alright, I will not send you out unprepared and you will be carried to your destinations. You were not meant to be all serious about the mission, what was dormant is awaking. You could have quitted but you did very well for my Kingdom, you are my bride and I am showing you this very hour what I have for you, and what was a challenge, will be as smooth ground before you. I have heard your cries and will take care of that need that you have, I know you hearts and I come to dry your tears. What was unbearable pain will cease, what was holding your back is broken, we are going on a beautiful journey, turn around, what you were seeking is right before you, the road of life is about to become much easier, all of hell cannot stand what I am doing this day, your latter days are going to be filled with Glory and plenty, I am changing things up. When you do not find the urgency to respond to me right away, I will use other ways to alert you, better is coming. You have outgrown where you are and now is the time to come out to a new level in me. These are spoken words of God!

  2. Shame the treaty signed after what all cosidered the worst of all the wars fought by humanity on this earth,only lasted twenty years,then we were at it again.Chas nice talk shame we cant decide to make use of onr of our colonial buildings,and open a museum,for the sake of our children,to educate all our people,and let them see,through a series of rooms,how this island came to be,our first inhabitants,slavery,and life in the last 400 years.There are many valuable artifacts,just picking up rust,and getting spoilt,and nobody is able to enjoy and learn from them.Shame.were is your patriotism?

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