PM Urges Respect For ‘Every Single Person’

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Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, asserting that until you’ve walked in someone’s shoes you can’t judge, has urged respect for every single person.

Chastanet made the comments while being interviewed Monday night by Dhirv and Noah on “Da Segment” on Hot 7 TV.

“A lot of people think I can’t relate to Saint Lucia and Saint Lucians. They hear the accent, they see the colour of the skin and maybe they look at a lot of other stuff,” he explained.

“I think when people meet with me they go ‘Wow! That’s not really the person I was thinking I would hook up with'”, Chastanet said.

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“My whole life – I don’t think I am better than anybody else. I can learn things from everyone – from the person cleaning the office to a person driving the car to a person who is a farmer. Everybody has a different perspective in life and it ‘s always interesting for me never to believe I know more than anybody else and always try to learn from other people,” the PM declared.

Headline photo caption: Allen Chastanet file photo

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