PM Urges Unity Against Threats To Equality In Emancipation Day Message

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has urged unity against threats to equality and freedom in a message to mark Emancipation Day.

“We must be united against threats to equality and freedom,” the PM declared.

“Globally and right here we still have to fight these perils that manifest in the forms of racism, prejudice, discrimination and intolerance. We must come together,” he wrote in a post on his official Facebook page.

“Together we must condemn these threats and continue to support our brothers and sisters who need more help than us. We must!” Chastanet asserted.

“This Emancipation Day let’s remember and appreciate the fact that our history binds us together in ways that are unspoken, subtle yet powerful. From the names of our towns and villages, the food we eat, how we socialize, the authentic pulse we share as sons and daughters of this beautiful island,”  the PM observed.

“Each and every one of us forms part of this ever evolving story of emancipation to nationhood; the past, the present and the journey forward,” he noted.

He urged his countrymen to take the opportunity afforded by Emancipation Day to remind and put into action their duty to the persons who came before us. 

“Happy Emancipation Day Saint Lucia and may we continue to grow and move this Nation forward,” the PM’s post concluded.


  1. Only yesterday he wanted to have Caricom FBI set up to continue the enslavement by tracking we movements, where every move you make is being monitored. From cameras and microphones in your hotel rooms, aeroplanes, airports etc. This is not emancipation but continuous slavery. In your faces when you eat in restaurants, maybe just maybe even in bathrooms. Beause of their Paranoia, We demand an end to wearing masks, social distancing, the spraying of our hands etc.
    Freedom is freedom from everything, your Draconian laws implimented against us and our children. Give we back we money houses, children, Cars, and ofcourse our forty acres and a mule

    When will it end Mr. Downpressa man?.

    • An uneducated bunch of crap. One day is corruption, corruption, corruption. The next day FBI is set up to continue enslavement.

  2. ….condem the actions of your ancestors would have been a start. The remains of those who cross the middle passage are still buried on lands your family owns to date. A proclamation of apology on the behalf of The Government of St Lucia for its Atrocities against Rastafarians would have been the iceing on the cake but we know that will never happen because of deep rooted prejudices against Rasta.

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