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Updated on June 6, 2020 3:30 pm
Updated on June 6, 2020 3:30 pm
Updated on June 6, 2020 3:30 pm

PM Wants More Saint Lucians To Benefit From Tourism

The government of Saint Lucia wants more Saint Lucians to benefit from the Island’s main foreign exchange earner – Tourism.

“We are on a mission to ensure that more Saint Lucians can benefit from our record breaking performances in Tourism,” Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, wrote on his official Facebook page.

Saint Lucia recently  hosted executives from the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA), and brought together stakeholders who play a key role in the management of the cruise sector,.

Chastanet said the objective was to better understand the sector and have direct dialogue with cruise executives on areas for development.

“The year 2019 is focused on revenue generation within the tourism sector, so the Department of Tourism has also organized a forum for local suppliers and the FCCA, to dialogue on deepening linkages within the cruise sector,” the PM disclosed.

He explained that it is anticipated that approximately 50 local suppliers (sites, attractions, excursion providers, dive operators, producers etc), will gain access to trade directly with cruise lines.

“This is a milestone and the first of its kind, to ensure maximum benefits to local suppliers of products and services,” the former Tourism Minister wrote on his official Facebook page.


  1. PM, it can be done, but not as yet, because you have eyes but you can’t see, you have ears but you can’t hear, you have brains but you can’t think!

  2. And you, my learned detractor and pretense for an aficionado have a whole lot of balls but , from your stance it can easily seen that you shoot blank and meritless utterances. To my mind, the likes of you presume to criticize the PM’s every initiative without offering any viable alternative. Firstly you concede that “it”, presumably what that PM proffers is doable. Yet you go on to say that “it” cannot be done yet, because, as you contend, he has eyes and ears but lacks the ability to see and hear. Moreover, you contend that he has brains but he can’t think. Methinks that it is you who manifestly lacks the substance and wherewithal that we need to have to make this country great and of optimum benefit to the people of St. Lucia, otherwise you would adopt a more constructive approach and make a worthy contribution. We thank God that OUR Prime Minister soars above this malaise. The very least we as St.Lucians can do is to go on to proffer constructive suggestions, after we exercise our right to critic the PM. Note that I did not say criticize… I said critic. The notion of criticizing is too decisive and will not help our nation gain prosperity.

  3. Ohhhhh PM, good thought. But here is what – by your previous actions we understand St. Lucians to be the Chastanet’s, the Dudoulay’s, the Guy Joseph’s and of course those who carry citizenship through CBI like Teo Ahkin.
    And while we at it, can you tell me how we will improve tourism with crime escalating and your Minister of National Security looking hopelessly and helplessly on?

    • @Eh bien bon
      Exactly my sentiments! Much more focus should be devoted to crime reduction. Fire your present Minister of National Security, the man is a complete disappointment and failure. The crime situation will only deteriorate under his watch. Why should taxpayers continue to line this man’s pockets with money he doesn’t deserve? If he were working for any private establishment, he would have been discarded long time for unproductivity. No one can deny, not even the strongest supporters of the UWP, that crime has never been this bad in the history of St. Lucia. Even in broad daylight, glaring sunshine, the criminals go on their killing and robbing sprees. If Hermangild Francis were to get paid on performance , his monthly take home pay would have been $0.00, fully justified.

  4. More industries could be generated from Agriculture (food, clothing, shelter, health and wellbeing). Think on that.

  5. How about take some the profits from the Tourism industry and fund the social programs you de-funded like the disaster relief fund with could of help the 7 homeless family from the new years fire.

  6. Tourism will be a fading dream if we do not take care of the crime situation. I’m still waiting for a plan on what is being done to abate crime. Whatever it is, it’s not working. We need to come up with a working strategy and spend the money, whatever it takes. We are basically biting the hands that feed us and expect positive results.

  7. PM the people of Desruisseaux would like tourist ships to go to Desruisseaux through the Troumaisse river. Can you assist them? They are the 43% of idiots you referred to.

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