Thursday, February 27, 2020

PM Welcomes Magic Johnson To Saint Lucia

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet Friday welcomed retired  American professional basketball player Magic Johnson to Saint Lucia.

“Welcome to Saint Lucia Magic Johnson. We hope that you enjoy the wonders of our Island paradise,” Chastanet posted on his official Facebook page.

The legendary basketball player whose real name is Earvin Johnson Jr., posted a photo of himself and his wife on social media.

“Cookie and I hanging out in St. Lucia,” he wrote.

It was not clear when Johnson arrived here or how long he and his wife will be here.

The couple’s yacht is said to have been spotted anchored off other Islands in recent days.


  1. Oh Lord okkkk. These people are super rich and travel the world but, only when they reach here the media has to announce their arrival to the world, not that we are not happy and appreciative they come here but the media just makes it seem as if we are so goo goo gaga gaga, like a deer caught in the headlights and overly start struck. I wonder for how many celebrities that disembark to our shores how many that choose to stay away in fear of this practice.

    • The man was the one who first posted a picture of himself and wife stating that they hanging out in St. Lucia. He announced himself before the media.

  2. Talking about his yacht looks more like a cruise liner.Must have a crew of at least ten people or more,my boat looks like a bath tub in comparison But we love you you changed the basket ball world.

  3. Won’t be long before de bailiff’s come for dat boat. Niggers don’t know how to manage money. Second coming of Mike Tyson.

  4. Tim buddy St Lucia News puts out the coment facility because they whant to measure and gauge how we get the news and what we think,and elaborate this is a social study of our people.If you dont like the game dont play.There are many that really have inteligent coments,and they make them every day,it also helps to educate at times,because some information is usefull to many.Welcome to play the game.No ofence my skin has many scars.

  5. Welcome Magic and Cookie to simply beautiful St. Lucia. Hope you guts have a magical time and come back again 🙂

    • Welcome Magic and Cookie to simply beautiful St. Lucia. Hope you guts have a magical time and come back again 🙂
      * guys

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