Sunday, September 25, 2022

PM’s Attaché Dispels ‘Myths’ Surrounding State Of Emergency

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Press Release:-  As the time for the latest Parliamentary Debate over the extension of the current State of Emergency in Saint Lucia draws near, cries of ‘tyranny’ once again begin to ring out from the SLP political machine.

Despite States of Emergency taking place in several countries across the world due to recent spikes in COVID-19 cases, and COVID-19 related deaths, only in Saint Lucia is such a State of Emergency seen as a political ploy by the government to restrict the freedoms of its political opponents.

Attaché to the Prime Minister and television host, Norbert Williams spent most of the Monday, May 03 edition of his two hour show, Keeping It Real, debunking the notion that the extension of the State of Emergency in Saint Lucia is meant as an attack on the SLP.

Williams predicted that the Labour MPs will oppose the extension as they’ve done before, on grounds he described as “unfounded, unsubstantiated, irrelevant.”

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He dismissed as disingenuous the assertion that the State of Emergency is a way to limit our freedoms, stating; “There are circumstances in every single country in the world under which your freedoms can be curtailed. There have to be specific reasons.” And what bigger reason can there be, than to protect citizens from further spread of COVID-19.

Williams also took apart the spurious claim that the State of Emergency protocols are aimed solely at the Opposition, arguing that those same limitations are placed on everyone, Government, Opposition and their respective supporters.

“So the Government is having their huge rallies and the Opposition can’t?” Williams asked rhetorically before pleading with the tin-foiled among us to “Stop repeating nonsense!”

The attaché went on to state that the Opposition claim of being victimized, is down simply to political convenience.

He reminded listeners when the first State of Emergency ended September 30, last year, the SLP profited the occasion to have a protest march in October and that within fourteen days of that march, the numbers of our COVID-19 cases spiked.

He also highlighted that before that infamous protest march, the number of cases in Saint Lucia was minuscule. 

Puzzled by Labour’s appeal to science to justify their protest march, the Keeping it Real host challenged the country’s media, to ask one of the six SLP MPs the following question: “What science guided your decision to have a protest march in the middle of a global pandemic?”

He posited that had the Labour Party been in power, they too would have imposed a State of Emergency and pleaded with them to stop trying to undermine the health and safety of the country with their false claims.

Headline photo: Norbert Williams

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