PM’s Attache Says Saint Lucia Lockdown Report False

The Prime Minister’s Attache Norbert Williams says a report that Prime Minister Allen Chastanet plans to ‘lockdown’  this country are totally false.

The report is among many making the rounds on social media.

This amid heightened fears connected to the spread of Coronavirus globally.

The PM’s Attache told St Lucia Times that a voice note from an apparently well-known Saint Lucian has been circulating via WhatsApp, indicating that Chastanet will be ordering the lockdown of the country on Monday for three months.

“This is absolutely false and particularly as there is no case of Coronavirus in Saint Lucia  which would require the country to be locked down,” he asserted.

He also said there are no Health Ministry officials who have gone around informing supporters of the ruling United Workers Party (UWP) in the various constituencies to go to supermarkets in advance of the claimed announcement, to purchase items.

“This is absolutely false,” the PM’s Attache told St Lucia Times.

He warned that the government will take all measures in its ability in apprehending and bringing ‘this person’ to justice.


  1. Dont you’ll see it’s the right thing to do. Shut down the island. Why wait when its here and ure cant contain it.

  2. Fake news why in that time of crises some one will do.. shut down the country hmmmmm 🙏🙏🙏🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨

  3. Smh….when people trying to hide things they try too hard…where is the communications director….why is it the PMs attaché giving out this type of news…y’all idiots eh ready yet

  4. Rather than attempt to refute fake news the PM and his team should have been upfront with their plans for Virus. In the absence of information, disinformation will take its place. No one can say that Saint Lucia doesn’t have the virus yet since the island has not undertaken any large scale testing. In the wake of the spread in the US Saint Lucia should have already suspended all large scale gatherings including school. This action would drastically reduce the spread of the virus if it is already here. Small island states like ours will never have the resources for for large scale quarantine like the US and China. It is for this reason that we should have started much earlier to minimize the inevitable spread of the virus once it gets to our shores. There is a great likelyhood it is already here since travel is still open between here and north America.

    A relative of mine recently returned to the island from working on a cruise ship. She stated that upon arrival she specifically informed the authorities at the airport that she had visited many countries with the virus but no one seemed interested. They were more eager to ask what she had to declar . However, She was smart enough to self quarantine.
    If this is how we are going to respond then the Lord will surely have to put a hand.

  5. Is the race on the 22nd going to be cancelled, too….y’all cancel Gros Islet Friday night at the last hour, y’all cancel jazz which is next month…what about the horse race. That would be the true test of how serious this government is about protecting the citizens of this country

  6. I believe that a stringent medical inspection of all population arrivals to the island should have been instituted several weeks ago. Unfortunately this was not done. It seems that this practice has now commenced.
    However those people advocating a complete shutdown of all ports and points of entry are unfortunately not thinking this strategy through. Here are the problems with those propsals:
    – nearly ALL food imports must be paid for in foreign currency.
    – all fuel imported (used to run private vehicles, mini busses, lorries, emergency vehicles, etc.) MUST be paid for in US Dollars.
    – additionally, the fuel used to run electric plants is imported and must be paid for in US Dollars
    – nearly ALL medication and medical supplies are imported and must be paid for in foreign currency..
    St Lucia does not produce US Dollars nor foreign currency. The only sources of these for the island are Tourism, exports and/or foreign loans (which eventually must be repaid in the original lian currency.
    – With NO foreign tourists arriving.and therefore very little foreign currency coming in, an inability to pay for fuel will result in a shortage of said fuel for mini busses, and private vehicles, etc. It will also affect food and medical supplies imports. Lastly our production of electricity will be impacted.
    As far as our exports, they are of such small quantity that they represent only a svery small amount of the foreign currency needed.
    -Finally, the principal economic vector in St Lucia is tourism as well as ALL related dependent activities. Once that has been reduced, it is very, very difficult to regain former levels of activity. On need only to see the time enquired to recover after 9/11 and after the 2008 recession.

  7. Williams put on your shite glases,you can start counting from yesterday and see how the numbers grow.Go to any supermarket to see no bull….what is going on in this country,******** clown

  8. Don’t the PM or government have a PR person? Why is it always that idiot coming out with statements on all matters. Health, crime and everything else. He is like Forest Gump. Superimposing himself in everything, everywhere.

  9. Instead of wsting resources trying to find an individual spreading fake news why not use that same resource in securing the citizens health.

    Smh in a time when the world is trying to find solutions to a near crisis this government is trying to find solution to secure a party. What a shame. Politics I tell you

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