Friday, January 24, 2020

PM’s Office Corrects Murder Backlog Statement

The office of Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has issued a correction to a statement he made Monday during a press briefing, regarding the number of murder cases.

“”We have, I think, over 1000 cases for murder backed up and it is taking forever to get the court system back up and running,” Chastanet had told reporters.

However the PM’s office, in a statement to the media Tuesday, noted that when Chastanet quoted the figure of 1000, he was referring “generally to the backlog of all cases and not only to cases of homicide. “
“The DPPs office has also been able to decrease these numbers significantly,” Tuesday’s statement noted.





  1. What a lousy press release. If the Prime Minister misspoke then just admit it and give us the corrected figure. The correction is worse than the original blunder which Chastanet continues to make. He needs to shut up if he doesn’t know the facts.

    • If he can chat too much ?? Same thing when THE INTERN came to office the US State Department had to check him on the deportee issue. He always making it seem like when he was given internship he found nothing but doom and gloom when at the end of the day their doom and gloom is above in the horizon.

  2. As soon as i read the PM’s statement, I suspected there was something wrong with the statement. Now that the PM’s office has made a correction should’nt they give us the actual number of backlog murder cases?

  3. Not too bright PM when I read this article I knew it ws bs. You are telling us that one thousand offenders were on remand at the Bordelais Correctional Facility for murder which carries no bail. The total population at the prison is not close to that figure. Your days as PM are coming to an end. Not even basic information you can deciminate correctly.

  4. Great way to deflect and muddy the waters a little bit. This is a very dramatic way of letting us know that his government had nothing to do with the 1000 murder backlog. This guy needs to think before he allows words to come out of his mouth. When he doesn’t do that he makes outrageous comments. We all do know who else displays this same habit….

  5. This AM,is forever loose,he doesn’t think before he speaks.Therefore, he will continue to make these blunders . A number of things that wasn’t supposed to be in the public domain he has put in out for the World.(eg). The Radar system and so many other things.We had a situation with the Venezuelans and St.lucians at sea,the Police Commissioner, who is the authority to speak on such matters made certain pronouncement, and he said something to the contrary.Is he saying that the Commissioner is not speaking the truth.Mr Am,you have to be careful, because with your loose tongue,you are driving this Country down a deep,deep, Please, allow someone to brief you as to what to say when a Microphone is in front of you.

  6. is the PM guilty of anyone of them? Is that the way he is dealing with the crime situation? is the PM Following Kenny to use the media to talk stupide nés?

  7. Wait somebody needed to tell y’all there wasn’t 1000 murder cases. 40 murders a year over a 25 year period would lead to that. We not that bad…yet

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