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Updated on July 6, 2020 4:47 am
Updated on July 6, 2020 4:47 am
Updated on July 6, 2020 4:47 am

PM’s Office Says Government ‘Has Not Purchased Horses’

The office of Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, has dismissed as false news, reports that the government has bought horses.

The denial came in a statement Monday issued by Senior Communications Officer, Nicole Mc Donald.

Nicole Mc Donald

The full statement is reproduced below:

Saint Lucia is getting set to have the regional and international spotlight on our beautiful island once again when we make our debut into the Equine Industry with The Pitons Cup scheduled for Friday December 13th; our island’s national day.

“For the first time ever our island will debut an international race track located in Vieux Fort and built by the Desert Star Holdings Company. So far the track employs over 50 groomsmen and that is not counting the number who are employed in the construction phase. There have also been several other positions advertised in the weekend papers.

“The investor has also trained several young Saint Lucians to work at the track under the Winston Trim Training Programme which was named in honour of the late Winston Trim, who passed away in 2017 and as many of you know, had an unwavering passion for several years for this project.

“Despite the progress made on this development in the south, and as we near success in hosting Saint Lucia’s first race, there continues to be a concerted effort by some who attempt to somehow tarnish this achievement by continuing to spread lies.

“Permit me to state some facts which should clear up any misconceptions about the Government of Saint Lucia’s part in this project:

· The Government of Saint Lucia has not purchased or facilitated the purchase of any horses for the race. Meaning that no millions of dollars was spent by the Government of Saint Lucia to purchase horses for this project.

· The construction of the race track has been fully funded by the investor.

· The Government of Saint Lucia has not funded the construction of the race track or any other aspect of the project.

“Let me repeat, no Government funds have gone into the race track.

“Permit me to also state the following facts:

· The Government’s involvement in this project so far has been the relocation of the Meat Processing Facility. A new location has been identified and the investor has committed to rebuilding the facility.

· The Government of Saint Lucia is in discussions to potentially become a sponsor of the race as follows:

-Events Saint Lucia is expected to assist with the promotion of the event and the planning of a concert in Vieux Fort.

-Saint Lucia’s Tourism Authority would be engaged with promoting Saint Lucia’s new offering as a destination that additionally offers sporting activities such as horse racing.

“Saint Lucia, as we get set to have the international spotlight on our country and welcome regional and international visitors, let us not be side-tracked by mistruths and continue in the vein of our 40th Independence celebrations and celebrate our achievements.

“Over the weekend 40 thoroughbred horses arrived to ready for the National Day race. The time is near and it is clear the excitement is building.

“Let us look at the opportunities this project presents for the south and for our entire country as a whole.”



  1. Why does the statement from the government sound like a denial of inappropriate relations?
    So what if the government bought horses, sponsored tracks under the guise of events St Lucia or even used gave money to assist the cause! People need to realise that government has to do a lot with a little money (relative) whilst ensuring continual growth, it has to make decisions to spend in speculative way to ensure the economy doesn’t regress and it has to do this whilst showing a positive attitude towards employment, crime, tourism, taxes etc.
    I said all this but…….
    The government should move the stadium hospital to a hospital, make the stadium a place of sports, make true on the airport idea’s, reduce duties on certain imports and encourage the tourist industry workers to have a long term objective whilst supporting their development.

  2. No figures for the rental cost of the 40 thoroughbred horses ? With the absence of facts st.lucians are only left to speculate

  3. To squash the rumor, the owner(s) of the horses should have been stated. That would put a stake in the heart of the hearsay.

  4. Weh we sitting/standing to watch the race? Deh have seats already mun? Or will it be like car race on the cacabeff (everybody just pick a spot n watch)? Will it be on TV? Weh I parking my car uh, in the Grace gap or stadium parking lot?

  5. Nicole is still employed? What has she been doing to provide information to the public regarding the government initiatives and progress ? she’s fast asleep get rid of the lady otherwise let jadia give her some training

  6. So pm you following Martinique styles.just now you will build rail road for tcsp.tge the long bus without no traffic.quick to go.

  7. Mendacity!!!The prime mimister himself said on Rick’s show that the ‘investor”will be given back the money he has spent re:the horse racing thing.No one knows whether he has already receive this money.****!

  8. Friday the 13th Freddy Cougar and the dam jackasses of The United Worthless Party are set and ready to go aren’t we just happy . Can’t you see the happiness of St Lucians all over the place we have a horse track way before a hospital aren’t we just happy weeeeeee the horses are coming the horses are coming just in time for Christmas how nice. Yes Skippy, you are absolutely dam right about the government been “a sponsor”; that’s all the government is allowed to do knuckle brain. The contract by Desert Start Holding clearly states THE GOVERMENT OF ST LUCIA CANNOT BE AN INVESTOR, HENCE IF YOU CANNOT BE AN INVESTOR THERE CAN BE [ NO PROFIT SHARING ] ALL PROFITS GENERATED FROM PROJECT WEATHER BY CIP OR OTHER INVESTORS GOES TO DESERT STAR HOLDING COMPANY. ITS WRITTEN IN BLACK & WHITE so why the hell must I be happy about the fleecing of my dam country been sell out for next to nothing for 99yrs and after 99yrs its handed back to us to make a profit by that time God knows what the state of affairs will be, what kind of irreversible environmental damage has occurred to our island. Many of these advocates will already been choke and pushing up daisy’s to hell with you’ll and your dam horse race. As far as I am concern Allen should be the first jackass on that track make him run 8 furlong in the hot sun BEEN WHIPED OF COURSE for the fleecing of this country and financially enslaving St Lucians for generations to come.

  9. Wow wow Nicole and the UWP . It cannot get worse than that.
    Was CIP funds used in this project? If so whose money is it?
    It is evident that the govt has no respect for us by saying everything that NOT and nothing of what it is.

  10. A few years ago SLP bought asses from Monsterrat…now UWP is bring the assas cousin…..Same difference.

    • OPR SUPORTER< by omitting the fact that the donkeys were brought here as part of a regional initiative because of the volcanic eruption in Montserrat makes you a liar just like Nicole. You, Chastanet and Nicole same difference.

  11. The mistrust comes from you and those in authority. Half truths and promises without deliverables, leads to mistrust. This is all well and good as long as we St.Lucians get a financial report stating the success or failure of this endeavor. How much taxpayers money was invested and what were the returns on this money.
    Promoting and providing the necessary infrastructure for this event in the form of sponsorship can’t be cheap and this is the governments responsibility. Why should this be the case? I just hope this does not end up like Chas previous great idea, “Boxing in Paradise” which was a complete failure and waste of taxpayers money. I hope Teo is paying for everything that already had a home and has to be relocated.

  12. The government has a reputation for lying and deceiving we the people and Nicole you come with your straight face and lie even more . Is your integrity worth losing over politics? There is life after Chastanet destroy all y’all characters and run away leaving y’all to face the people y’all tried to fool. Nicole stop letting Chastanet use you to lie for him ! Tanto tanto

  13. Forty horse going to run four races of ten horses each,that is if they are all i good health that day. If they pass the veterinary inspection Whats the program for all the year? same donkeys racing once a month against each other ? After two races I dont need any more .Ive been in countries were one track holds more than 1500 horses in their stables,and races take place every day. We are miles away from that standard.

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