Wednesday, October 5, 2022

PM’s Press Secretary Says UWP Did Nothing To Get RSLPF Back Into US Training

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre’s Press Secretary Maundy Lewis has responded to the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) regarding participation by the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) in Tradewinds 2022.

Lewis says that the UWP government did nothing to get officers back into US training.

Tradewinds is a U.S. Southern Command-sponsored combined joint exercise conducted with partner nations.

The aim is to enhance the ability of defense forces and constabularies to combat crime, provide humanitarian and disaster assistance and strengthen cooperation.

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The opposition has taken credit for the RSLPF’s inclusion in this year’s exercise after some ten years, citing the then UWP administration’s commitment to resolving IMPACS and having the Leahy Law lifted.

“The former UWP administration worked tirelessly to restore Saint Lucia’s relationship with the United States Government which led to the announcement in June 2021 by the United States Ambassador during a visit to Saint Lucia that the United States would resume security cooperation and assistance to units within the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) with immediate effect,” according to an opposition statement.

But the PM’s Press Secretary says the announcements by the US Embassy and the UWP administration concerning training for the Immigration Unit and the Police Marine Unit were a direct result of the efforts of US Military Liaison Office at the US Embassy in Barbados and the State Department.

Lewis explained that the Police had been in dialogue with the US officials for about two years.

“The Special Services Unit and the rest of the Force continue to be subjected to the Leahy Law and “training” is selective and restricted to subject matter, expert exchanges (SMEEs) and exercises,” she wrote.

By way of example, Lewis cited the current Tradewinds Exercise taking place in Belize and a few more calendared for the coming months.

According to the Prime Minister’s Press Secretary, the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration and the RSLPF continue to dialogue with senior officials within the US Government to address the outstanding issues.

Lewis indicated that those issues are not directly related to the police officers involved in the actual operations.

But she observed that they are significant enough to warrant further investigation and implementation of corrective procedural measures to ensure that they do not repeat themselves in the future.

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  1. Beside R.F. who are the other two – in this democracy we need to know the truth, if we have to make an assessment and not to misjudge anyone – are we in deeper ‘hot water’ with the U.S. than we know? I’m o.k. but I have young relatives who might want to make a move.
    How did St. Lucia ever get that way? with elected persons failing us in the eyes of the world, and they themselves are banned from setting foot in the U.S./ we need to know who they are. Be careful today Fri. 13, all hell break through./ but give Praise to the Holy One +

  2. This has been the case since July last year when this SLP administration came into office. The people refuse to govern but to continue on a campaign trail. The UWP has a right to make that claim but do you respond to every bark of a dog. This woman has not given us one update on anything her government has done but she responds to every thing that the UWP or Chas says. If Helaire wasn’t a preferred backholer I would have thought that he and Maundy were partners. These two are the most rorocious people ever to enter the political life of St Lucia. Please Pierre encourage Maundy to do her job that our taxes are paying her to do or replace her.

  3. Well then, you don’t have to mention their names, just tell us what constituency they represent and that would suffice. Would one be Castries South? God help St. Lucia.

  4. I wish the Press Secretary was as diligent in annoumcing the government’s plans to address the many issues in this country as she is in responding to the opposition.

  5. Press Secretary my foot. Cannot even stand in front of a press conference and deliver an intelligent piece of commentary. Always a recorded statement done behind close doors. Maundy you eh have nothing on Jadia. You are looking and sounding as the worst press secretary ever.

  6. Well well Maundy I thought you couldn’t beat Chas, King, Kenny and Pierre in a lying competition but you have just dethroned them all. If you could remember it was you who came out to criticize the US State Department for meddling in our elections by putting out that information on the Eve of elections. Today the expensive rum that you now consume have you saying otherwise. Just remember it was your party that brought this onto St Lucia in the first place and that Calyxe George criticism of Kenny for it. Remember on TALK with Rick he called Kenny a weak leader and blamed him for not ending this IMPACS issue.
    Well Maundy while you at it please tell us the two current cabinet members apart from Richard who has been denied diplomatic visas. I want to know, everybody wants to know. Well now I know, Maundy let the people know.

  7. Thank you dear Angel for giving us a more poignant answer; after reading the June 18/2021 News Paper article, I do wonder how can Miss Lewis come up with that story of hers, or someone else’s. If you are to be respected in that profession, try to be a little more credible; it takes time. BLW that’s hard work on that hair do and makeup.

    • A woman who disown her father is a fake…Mandy Isidore needs to state her true identity and intentions….till then, every word from her mouth is fake.

  8. Sometimes I wonder who writes for this pwess sexitree? Telling lies to the general public so glaringly does not speak well for her post. Take a page from Nicole, my girl!

  9. Miss Press Secretary may be the US is not into training corrupt cops did you ever thought about that ????

  10. She is lying through the skin of her teeth. How can she believe that this behavior is acceptable. I know a little bit about what transpired.
    I wish she would desist with her deception.

  11. UGLY LIAR!!! Chastanet used his white credentials in that case. so stop your lies. if it was up to you all with the current batch of criminals in high places nothing would have been reinstated! you all in that Salopwee Lucian Party are useless. all you people know is how to do bacchanal and maypwee!

  12. I like FACTS. OMG We paying this lady from our tax money? Based on FACTS Assistance to RSLPF recommenced under Chas as PM. It’s a fact and maybe Maundy should apologies to Us. Am glad Angel has posted the article, READ IT.

  13. SLP propanganda worked in opposition. Will it work whiles in government? 5 years (2011-2016) you could not get it done. It took almost 5 years under a UWP government to happen. How can you deny it was the work of the UWP?

  14. Pretty soon you will hear the professional Liar saying he is the one who caused the training. Bet your bottom dollar.

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