Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Poison Ingestion, Accidents & Assaults Prompt Over 100 Fire Service Responses

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The Fire Service responded to one report of poison ingestion and several vehicle collisions last weekend.

Fire Service spokesman Damian Jn Baptiste says the Gros Islet Fire Station responded Saturday to the poison report.

Jn Baptiste said  about 12.20 pm fire officers transported a male individual who was at Vigie to the OKEU Hospital.

The fire service spokesman explained that the Fire Service got a report that he had ingested ‘a large quantity’ of pesticide.

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According to Jn Baptiste, it was one of 107 ambulance responses for the weekend of December 31.

Fifty of the responses occurred in the South of the Island.

The fire service transported a total of eight victims of road accidents.

Two persons were injured as a result of a vehicle collision in Dennery on Thursday at 10.25 pm.

In addition, Babonneau fire station transported two individuals to hospital after two pick up trucks collided on the same day about 6.05 pm.

Jn Baptiste also said the Soufriere fire station transported four people to hospital on Saturday.

This after a vehicle accident at Sugar Beach Road, Ladera, Soufriere at approximately 2:05am.

Jn Baptiste disclosed that twelve emergency calls were in relation to physical assaults.

He said the fire service is concerned about the number of physical assaults.

“The Fire Department urges residents to explore more peaceful means of resolving disputes,” Jn Baptiste stated.



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