Police Announce Anti-Crime Plan, Cancel, Defer Non-Emergency Leave

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Saint Lucia police have cancelled or deferred all non-emergency leave for officers , amid implementation of a new anti-crime plan.

Deputy Police Commissioner, Milton Desir, in announcing the police anti-crime plan during a news conference Tuesday, told reporters that the initiative is aimed at ensuring the safety of all persons in Saint Lucia.

Desir said the objective is to reduce criminal activities, enforce COVID-19 protocols, and lessen traffic violations and accidents.

According to Desir, the police will maximise the use of COVID wardens and the special reserve police, plus make use of vehicles from other government agencies to augment the police fleet.

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“I am urging persons, especially in the Christmas season, to observe all COVID-19 protocols,” he told Tuesday’s news conference.

He also issued a reminder that business activities, including those of restaurants and bars, would cease at 11.00 pm.

“Eleven pm is the closure,” Desir explained.

He quoted current COVID-19 regulations as indicating that persons shall not host or attend mass crowd events and social events which include a Christmas Party, a New Year’s Party or New Year’s Eve party, Assou Square, J’ouvert, boat rides or beach picnics.

“I am also urging persons to ensure that during their Christmas celebrations at home, because it is permitted for you to have some activity at home, but no more than 25 persons,” Desir explained.

He noted that for proper management of such activities, the wearing of masks and other measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 should be in place.

“Ensure that you have the names of persons who attend those activities, because it would just make the work of health officials easier if there is a need to do contact tracing,” Desir advised.

Headline photo caption: Police at scene of Leslie Land shooting on October 12, 2020.

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