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Updated on July 6, 2020 2:47 am
Updated on July 6, 2020 2:47 am
Updated on July 6, 2020 2:47 am

Police Announce ‘More Aggressive’ Crime Fighting Strategies

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) is putting new new strategies in place to fight crime, after recognising that the force is not meeting its targets.

“We have reviewed our plans and our strategies and from all indications it would appear that we  we have not been able to meet some of our intended targets. As a result, we are putting in place new plans, new strategies,” Police Commissioner, Severin Moncherry announced Monday.

Moncherry told reporters at a news conference that the new anti-crime strategies will be “more head on – more aggressive” and targetted.

He spoke as police reported a total of 41 homicides so far for 2018.

The police chief recalled that earlier this year, it was announced hat the plan was to keep the number of homicides ‘at a particular level’.

“That we have not been able to achieve,” he disclosed.

He said there were other targets relating to keeping other serious crimes down to a particular level which the police have not been able to meet.

Moncherry assured members of the public that the police remain committed to their safety and security.

He thanked his ‘hardworking’ officers for the work they have done in the past months.

The Police Chief said that from all indications, it appears that criminals have declared war on the people of this country and by extension, the police.

Moncherry asserted that in ensuring the safety and security of citizens, the police will defend them fully.

He noted that the law makes provision for the level of force to be used in different circumstances.

“If you create the atmosphere and the situation for force to be used, we will surely use force where it is necessary, even if we have to move to the highest level of force provided for in the criminal code of Saint Lucia,” Moncherry declared.

He observed that the time has come to deal not only with crime on the streets and in the ghettos but crime across the country.

“So whether you be in high office, whether you be a law enforcement officer, whether you be a politician, pastor, teacher, priest – the law will apply to everyone,” Moncherry told Wednesday’s news conference.



  1. Oh great so that means that some of those at the top of the force will be fired for corruption??.great! Can’t wait !! Try the supervisor of one of the shifts at CID some years ago …wonder who that was and work all the way up .you’ll find them

  2. Wish the police force well in all their endeavours to keep criminal activity to a negligible level. Deeds and not words will deem your efforts a success. Mr. Commissioner, are you getting adequate advice, support and resources from the government and the National Security Minister in particular? Do you have sufficient manpower? Let the public see and feel the change you’ve talked about so we, the public, can become motivated to support your efforts.

  3. Why didnt you reach your targets? What are these new plans and strategies? What has changed that will make the force achieve the new targets?

  4. It appears as though the law was not for everyone before. Only now the Commish know the law is for everyone……what a damn ***. Where they get him from?
    He needs to step aside and give someone else a chance to do the job, maybe the Mayor (lol)

  5. how can crime ever stop whn the majority of your working population work for 4;25 cents an hour 12 hours a day with one day off mothers invest thousands of dollars to send their children to school when they leave school most of them have to be at the mercy security companies working for peanuts whiles thje rich can afford a mortage a high end vehicle and could afford hea;lth to be poor is a crime the chastanet adminstration took all the social programes the the labour goverment implemented to assist the venerable poor and the people who do do have a voice its like to be sucessful in life you have to be a member of a secret society rotary lions club or knights of columbus when you have people living in squalor in slums and ghettos and you building race horse tracks to help the elite how can you stop crime when most people get paid just to by food eating one meal a day you have to tactle the root of the problem or else crime will escalate s for me i will eat my one day a meal and wont do crime no one should work for less than 12 ec dollars an hour or else there will always be crime

  6. The COP target of 25 murders has been surpass by 16 for a total of 41 with 21 days to go. Lip service wont fix this dilemma try some surprise raids in high crime areas. Have 24 Hour SSU presence in high crime areas through a shift schedule. Try sting operations like in CSI and other crime dramas. Cause the criminals are taking notes, covering their face, stealing cilivans cars and used them as gateway vehicles.

  7. Last month a gang leader from the south made threats to national security that he would give his boys guns to make things hot for the Christmas. What has being done about that nothing. What has the national security minister said about that nothing. The last time we heard him talking about threat. That’s a threat to national security. You lose your bearings.The same person didn’t call you and tell you about this one or you choose to stay quiet. You know why . Corruption will never end. Them ministers in government should take a lie detector test before coming into government. You have been in the force before and what have you done to help make the lives of the police better. Where the equipments; ‘nothing’ you failure go home.

  8. Mr. Commissioner, you and your minister of justice were all there when the task force was created, now tell us ; was the task force successful or not? If it was not, then continue that way, and if it was, then bring it back, forget about your allies and their visas, protect the people!

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