Friday, February 15, 2019
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Police announce three percent increase in serious crime reports

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There was an overall increase of three percent in reported serious crimes for the year 2018, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) announced Friday in its half year crime briefing.

Presenting the highlights of the crime statistics for the first six months of the year, Chief Intelligence Officer, Sergeant Kimroy Rene, observed that thee Central Sector accounted for the highest number of serious crimes in 2018.

Rene disclosed that there was a  positive correlation between Murder and Firearm Offences.

He told reporters that  homicides recorded have declined constantly during the years 2013 to 2015.

According to Rene, homicides were almost evenly spread, a departure from what previous analyses have shown.

He disclosed that pistols are the preferred weapons used by criminals.

The statistics also showed that there was an overall increase in Sexual Offences for 2017 and indicated that the number of robbery offences has increased steadily over the four year period.

“Burglary continues to be the highest recorded offence within the category of Offences against Property,” Rene said.

For the period January to July 2018, there were 20 murders, 504 burglaries, 148 robberies and 335 narcotics offences reported.

For the same period, there were 90 firearm offences reported along with 105 reports of  motor vehicles being stolen, 216 reports of stealing from persons and 151 reports of sexual offences.

The detection rate for murders was 55 percent, burglary, 15 percent, robbery, 18 percent, narcotics, 74 percent and firearm offences 68 percent.

For stealing motor vehicles the detection rate was 32 percent, stealing from persons 35 percent and sexual offences, 41 percent.


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  1. If the population of say the 13 to 83 year olds go up 3%, would not a 3% increase in crime be a non story. Thus, please report population % changes.

  2. Stiffer penalties are needed. Including hard labour and the death penalty. If they don’t listen, they will feel.