Police Appeal For Information After Jacmel Homicide

Saint Lucia police have appealed to persons with information about Monday’s homicide in Jacmel, to contact the nearest police station, the Major Crime Unit at 4563754, or the Crime Hotline at 45-CRIME/ 452-7463.

News reports have identified the deceased as a Syrian national.

According to a police press release, aboutĀ about 3:00 p.m., officers attached to the Anse La Raye Police Station responded to a report of a shooting at Jacmel, Anse La Raye.

Upon arrival, officers observed the unresponsive body of Souheil Wassouf, a forty nineĀ  year old resident of Rodney Heights, Gros Islet, outside his minivan, the release said.

According to the police, he was conveyed to the Victoria Hospital via ambulance, after having allegedly sustained gunshot wounds about his body.

He was later formally pronounced dead by a medical practitioner, it was reported.

A post mortem examination is scheduled for a subsequent date, the police release stated.

Saint Lucia has so far recorded four homicides for the year.




  1. There is never justification for taking a life. If this man has been hustling selling stuff in his van then whoever committed this vile act should have walked with a bag and sell his own stuff. It appears to me that ambition in St Lucia is met with resentment and murder just because there are those who are much too lazy and lack the verve to use the constructive part of their brain to provide for themselves. This is so wrong on so many levels! Whoever did this needs to be apprehended and made to face the consequence. Somebody must have witnessed this crime so I hope they come forward.This is becoming quite disconcerting that in a small island like ours it is so difficult to apprehend perpetrators of such horrendous acts. Come on now!

  2. Is there a way to give information without identifying yourself ? If not i can see why people are not willing to information due to fear for their safety

  3. It can be anyone next please come forward to stop this type of behavior be a police in your community it is an bearable am disgruntled this is not good people be a police in God’s name

  4. Oh! We have to remember that is the safety Kenny could not provide us, right now Chastanet make sure we are getting it. Bravo Chas

  5. Are we all cowards and don’t care, like these lazy fools? No, i don’t think so; if you saw what happened, then show that you care, call the police, and have a chat! one day it will be your business, and no one will care!

  6. This happened in an area just behind the church,were there are a bunch of bars,you mean to say that you have no witneses? Commisioner of police these guys live in the area,they are the same ones that stole the truck,Im sure many know who they are.Your job behind your desk it at stakes,you guys are not doing enough and the public is seing it,you have to solve the problem,you need to implement new ideas into your operations,you have to start using new tactics,Im going to give you a lead one word that will help you,think carefully,DECOY,you can clean the town in two weeks if you do it properly.When you want to catch a mouse you put a trap with a big piece of smelly chease.Have fun.Dont take prisoners please shoot them all dead

  7. There are plenty of eye witnesses Just pick up your Phone and give the police The Information .To arrest and Charge these Thugs

  8. Wait and see we will hear some tearfull mama claiming for her loved child that disapeared on a fishing expedition.Its coming Abdulah getting boat ready

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