Police Appeal For Public Assistance, Issue Warning After Fatal Chaussee Road Shooting

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has appealed for public assistance as it probes Wednesday night’s fatal shooting on Chaussee Road, Castries, while warning individuals bent on engaging in ‘nefarious activity’ that they will face the full brunt of the law.

One man is in critical condition following the shooting.

The police issued a statement on the incident, promising a heightened presence of law enforcement officers to deal with crime.

The complete statement appears below:

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On Wednesday, August 31, 2022, Officers attached to the Special Services Unit, Criminal Investigations Department, Special Patrol Group and Central Police Station, jointly responded to a report of a shooting along Chaussee Road, Castries.

The responding team immediately launched investigations, which included processing of the scene and canvassing of surrounding areas for suspects.

Information obtained during the conduct of investigations confirmed that a motorcar with four occupants was fired upon by unknown assailants.

One male, Eli Joseph, sustained several gunshot injuries about the body, and succumbed at the OKEU Hospital. Another male remains in critical condition at a medical facility.

A joint team of officers attached to the Special Services Unit, along with Central and Northern Divisions of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) pursued a motorcar believed to have been involved in the incident, and located said vehicle in Morne Serpent, Gros Islet.

One male was apprehended in the process and remains in police custody.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) with responsibility for the Central Division of the RSLPF, Ronald Phillip, commended officers for their speedy and thorough response following the incident and is calling on members of the public with further information to contact the police expeditiously.

ACP Phillip has dedicated resources to bringing resolution to this matter and is working tirelessly with other Divisional Heads to ensure citizens can yet again feel safe in country.

The ACP further indicated that persons bent on engaging in nefarious activity should expect the full brunt of the law.

The RSLPF remains ever committed to ensuring citizen security.

A call is being made to all law abiding citizens to join our efforts, as there will be heightened police presence and activities moving forward, as we attempt to deal with this scourge.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force/SLT

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  1. Police officers have been on Traffic Checks Checks for a Few days now .Why There’s No Planned Missions to To Arrest these Thugs that have been playing the Fool with Guns in St.Lucia .These police officers will Knock Off about 5pm till Next day. All Police officers Leave should be Cancelled for One Month to Clean up St.Lucia

  2. If the police believe that these thugs are scared of the law, the police should think again. I say this because we have been hearing this phrase and dozens of lives year after year have perished by the gun. Warning criminals every time there is a spike in gun violence and not capturing these perps is allowing them to continue their spree. These criminals want to take someone out. If they can’t behind bars their other boys will do the job.
    We need to get to the ‘bosses’ and the receivers of these guns. Crime is now becoming a business if the police do get to these criminal bosses and take them out.

  3. If government and police etc really wanted to curtail crime, they would have had a better campaign to highlight their successes at apprehending suspects and charging/ sentencing them. Fact is there is little to show, so the rats will keep eating each other. Were these guys in this blue swift going to church, or going to give to charity or going to help their mothers wash dishes at home?

  4. “A heightened police presence and activities moving forward”, only now? That ship has sailed long f**king time for this Knee Jerk Reaction Force.

    Why ask the law abiding citizens for support when they themselves cannot be protected from the so-called scourge of society?

    As I said before, there need to be a clean up of all government and non government offices to include, Ministers, Custom officers, Police officers, Government officials, Lawyers, Mary Francis, etc. Unless the corrupt individuals/offices are taken care of, this country will only keep moving backwards.

    When elected officials stop playing politics and do their actual F**king job, then maybe we might see something.🙄

  5. if is bad boys that killing other bad boys let them kill each other eventually there will be less of them but you should have never said there will be heightened police presence and activities moving forward you should just act cause now they going to go in hiding.

    i honestly believe if the force was doing its job more effectively there would be less of this nonsense. Take vieux fort for example all the police know who the bad boys are, why did it have to take police from other islands to be deployed here in vieux fort for the shootings there to stop? have you not noticed that once these overseas police arrived that the shooting cool out cause they must be check the police not on that but it seem saint lucia police is shate starting from that Dennery police station where the lady made endless of calls for help and nothing.

    if she had a ak47 and a m16 and said enough is enough and stood outside her home and spray those jackasses that was vandalizing her house the police would have come and get her one time.

  6. When will the police start harassing the criminals? When will they start random searches? When will the Station at Anse La Raye have a set of police to harass the OTF at Jacmel?
    Currently, we know Anse La Raye station has no police


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