Police Approve Emancipation Day Event In Castries

An Emancipation Day event planned for Castries has the go ahead from the police, organisers say.

According to the Interim Chairman of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement here, Peter ‘Ras Ipa’ Isaac, the rally will be held in the area of Constitution Park.

He told reporters that the theme of the August 1, 2020 ‘celebration’ is : ‘Emancipation Day – Our Story Continues’.

Isaac said the organisers wrote to the Police Commissioner asking for permission to use the William Peter Boulevard and Constitution Park in Castries, and received the go ahead.

He said the organisers have a budget of some $64,000.

“We wrote to the Prime Minister to assist us because as you know, that particular event in our life has not been given the kind of attention it deserves,” Isaac told reporters.

He disclosed that so far there has been no response, but plans for the Emancipation Day activity are going ahead.

Isaac said the organisers have written to the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) and have received a good and positive response.

He revealed that Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and opposition leader, Philip J. Pierre have been invited to attend the Emancipation Day event which is set to begin at 1.00 pm.

It will feature music, poetry, drumming and other activities highlighting the contribution and sacrifices made by this country’s ancestors .

It will also highlight black awareness, black consciousness, Black Lives Matter, economic empowerment and social justice.

“We want Saint Lucians to realise that emancipation is not about a Rasta thing or about a political party – this goes beyond all those boundaries, so we want Saint Lucians to rally together as one people on Emancipation Day,” said the President of the Iyanola Council for the Advancement of Rastafari (ICAR), Aaron Alexander.

He made clear that the observance will adhere strictly to COVID-19 protocols, including  physical distancing and the provision of hand sanitizers for those in attendance, while arrangement are being made to stream the programme live.

Laurent ‘Jomo’ Jean Pierre observed that this is a very crucial time in the history of people of African descent.

“It is important that we mark this point in history,” he told reporters.





  1. YEAH…. RASTAFARI…and we will also celebrate the Birthday of His Majesty and his divinity….and his early coronation at the same time. Not only will we celebrate the ABOLITION and The PROCLAMATION EMANCIPATION we will pay tribute to those who died in the MIDDLE PASSAGE and those who made it here and slaved on the plantations of a certain invited guess (don’t know why bun him out). I look forward to it and to educate the illiterates amongst us about our way of life, beliefs, roots & culture and faith. Pierre you are welcome Boss come and bun a Big Head meck we hold a reasoning .

  2. Really Halie selisie was never a Rasta and he told these fools that he is not their God and feed them to his lions, they still don’t get it in their heads. I believe in only the liberation of slavery and for that cause I will celebrate with you guys. But not for the selisie cause Bless for that great day.

    • …….. Prove me right all the time in regards to “ilitterate”. His Majesty never proclaimed to be a RASTAFARI. He was dress in traditional Ethiopian Garment as a head of state on an official visit to another country…. You don’t have to wear locks to be a Rasta you must have the heart of a Rasta and embrace it’s principles, life style, doctrine, roots & culture and embrace the Black Race.. You don’t even have to smoke ganja to embrace Rastafari; it’s a choice.

  3. Blessed give thanks for what you are doing keep up the good work my brothers I love my black ppl we are the ones telling dem not to forget the past and don’t follow European teaching but then again you can’t blame them because of the brain wash education they was taught but give thanks to the life giver and keeper of life Emperor Haile Selassie I (NEGUS)

  4. Salaissi was as fake as fake can be. He was also a murderer to gain control of the throne so why should I support him or educate any black man to believe that he is our Redeemer.
    I just passed through Vieux Fort and there is supposed to be an emancipation rally but all I heard was when SLP gets back in power what will be done. At present they are having a motorcade through the streets of Vieux Fort with everyone with their stars and red flags chanting anti Chastnet explicits. Is this the emancipation of 1834.

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