Police Arrest Son For Chopping His Mother In Canaries

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Police say they arrested a man in his twenties for chopping his mother at Belvedere in the fishing village of Canaries on Saturday around 5:00 pm and took him for psychiatric evaluation.

The  man is currently at the Mental Wellness Centre.

The 56-year-old mother was rushed to the hospital for medical attention and was reported in stable condition.

According to information, she sustained severe slash wounds to the hand due to the cutlass attack.

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An area resident told St Lucia Times that the chopping incident occurred after the mother ‘admonished’ her son.

There are no further details at this time.


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  1. When a society neglects it boys and men, that’s what happens. The rot has just began. Let America continue to dictate to us.

  2. Some one is trying to say something to St. Lucia – something is just not right – the sick minded ones we’ve always had among us, the parents would soon find the medical help. Today we find some hanging themselves and attacking loved ones; so far it is the calm before ‘darkness, the shortage of Medicine, Doctors and medical help, some fleeing for better Pay, shortage of food, shortage of Government care’ The war now is small but thats how it starts. Brother against brother, father against son, watch and pray for you know not of the calamity to come.

  3. Something is seriously wrong with our men but our men in politics do not seem to care about their counterparts. We’ve been calling for help to tackle mental illness but no serious action. When last have you heard of women causing serious harm to their parents or mothers? When have you heard a woman kill another woman by a gun or kill another woman. Men hold more of the positions where strategic decisions are made yet still they have not come forward to tackle the issues/problems that they are experiencing which is affecting society.

  4. Mental Health issues – again!! These incidents are getting worse and worse. As educated readers – you know the rest of the story.


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