Police Charge Male With ‘Sexually Related Offence’

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Saint Lucia police say following reports involving a minor, they launched a probe in which investigators took two males into custody.

Superintendent George Nicholas said that police have charged one of them with a sexually related offence.

“Bail has been set,” Nicholas told a news conference on Tuesday.

And he explained that police are due to charge the other male individual shortly.

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However, Nicholas explained that the law makes provision not to give information leading to individuals identifying the suspect or victim in such matters.

As a result, he said the police are very restricted in relation to what information they can divulge.

It is also an offence to publish information leading to the individuals being identified.

Nevertheless, Nicholas gave the assurance that the matter is under investigation.

“The chips will fall where they may,” he told reporters.

Nicholas disclosed that although investigators have charged one male and another is facing charges, if any others are involved they will also be charged.

When asked about viral social media images which included the photo of an alleged minor victim, Nicholas said the youngster is not the victim in the matter.

He also said that people should refrain from circulating the images.

“It brings tremendous pain and emotional stress upon the families of these persons,” Nicholas explained.

He said he has seen a photo of a young female.

“The one I saw is not the victim – I don’t know of any others,” he told reporters.


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