Monday, November 11, 2019

Police Chief, Mayor Still Friends Despite Public Spat

Police Commissioner, Severin Moncherry and Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, have settled their differences.

The two men were all smiles as they hugged each other after a church service Thursday.

Moncherry said he accepted an invitation to attended the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) organised service.

“The Mayor and I have never had problems. What happened is that we had our differences in relation to a particular incident,” the Police Commissioner told St Lucia Times.

Moncherry explained that they have since settled the matter.

“This is to demonstrate to our young people out there that they can agree to disagree on things and settle it in ways that are better than resorting to guns or fighting or knives,” he declared.

His comments were made against an upsurge in gun violence, much of it seemingly gang-related.

The top cop disclosed that he and the Mayor had scheduled a meeting.

He expressed the view that the meeting would be productive.

Moncherry and the Castries Mayor had a highly publicised disagreement.

It arose out of accusations made by the Mayor against Moncherry, over a planned meeting between the two men recently that failed to materialise.

The Mayor had accused Moncherry of ‘total disrespect’, with the Police Chief later hitting back, asserting that Francis’ claims were untrue.

Moncherry in turn had accused the Mayor of attacking him and the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.




  1. Politics makes strange bedfellows. You better believe that. I have no political affiliation and that’s exactly how I like it. The Mayor, in my honest opinion , has strong political ambitions. He relishes power. He’s a dictator in the making. If you want to see a man’s true character give him power. The Mayor behaves at times as if he is the Supreme ruler of St. Lucia.

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