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Updated on June 6, 2020 3:30 pm
Updated on June 6, 2020 3:30 pm
Updated on June 6, 2020 3:30 pm

Police Chief Promises Probe After Viral Video Of Cop Striking Man In Handcuffs

Saint Lucia’s Police Commssioner, Severin Moncherry, has promised an investigation after the posting on social media Tuesday of a viral video of a police officer striking a man in handcuffs.

Moncherry, who was on leave, returns to work Wednesday.

“I will definitely cause it to be investigated speedily and will report to media on that,” the Police Commissioner told St Lucia Times.

Although admitting that he was not aware of what transpired prior to the 30 second recording, Moncherry pointed out that the suspect had been restrained.

He also noted that there were two officers on the scene at the time.

“I am not going to condone that type of behaviour – it is unacceptable and we need to start somewhere,” Moncherry declared.

“Too often we see police officers abusing people and they seem to get away with it. It is something that I take very seriously,” the Saint Lucia top cop told St Lucia Times.

He recalled that since taking over as head of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), he has had officers dismissed for such conduct.

“I will not have police officers abuse people, especially when they are people who are disadvantaged,” Moncherry asserted.

He noted that in the case of the video, the man was restrained.

Moncherry explained that police officers are law enforcers, not persons who mete out justice.

“We cannot be judge, jury and executioner,” he asserted.

The 30 second video that went viral shows a police officer in a polo shirt, helmet and short trousers leading away a man who has his hands handcuffed behind his back.

Another similarly dressed law enforcement officer is visible in the recording.

At one point in the video the suspect hits the arresting cop with his upper body, whereupon the officer draws back his right hand while holding the man with his left, and strikes the suspect in the face.

The man is then falls to the ground with the officer who struck him over him.

Both officers put their hands on the man’s chest before the video comes to an abrupt end.

It is said that the video was recorded Tuesday in Castries.


  1. They see the police cuff him but they eh see when he tried to head butt the officer. Officer u right. Don’t waste time with those dirty ghetto so called bad boys. He should have gotten the left too.

  2. They handcuff u go down in peace and get your lawyers. Awah u want to be bad boy…the officer should paytay his chew….

  3. Nah commissioner ,

    Clearly he tried to use his upper body to hit the officer , you could actually see that action almost threw down the officer . It was the best non lethal reaction given by the officer . I am sure if the officer fell backwards as a result of that brush it would have been a different story. I am usually on the side of criticizing officer but the video shows what happen. Our national anthem is also clearly heard , right fully so….😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Some people will always see the bad about an officer excicuting his/her duty’s when aprihending a suspect and see the good side of the suspect. catch a mongoose in a trap and try to get it out alive and see what happens get the facts straight before you comment.

  5. I am not the most godly person. I am no saint. I am not a bible scholar. I know of two interesting scriptures in the bible. One says if your brother strikes you on the left side you give him the right to strike you to. So no one saw before the video and if the man had I deer struck the officer twice. The other interesting scripture say what you sew is what you shall reap. Since I didnt see what transpired before I will simply say that the man was in the garden harvesting what he had reaped. I have never know police officers walking around with fridge to store blows that they got from civilians. Additionally I have never heard of sorry cooling the effect of hot water burns. I beg every citizen that when you are arrested by the police, rightly or wrongly, just go in peace. If you feel that your rights were trampled there is recourse to redress. Do not make a simple matter worse by resting and making use of insulting language. The public sheering and egging you on will not be there to defend you nor to foot your legal defense bill.

  6. The news miss something very important the Ras was restrained ” what cause the Ras to attempt to upper hit the officer is because The DuMB COP TRY and pick up something on the grap while holding Ras pulling RAS DOWN WITH HIm!!!! Ras had his hands behind his back of course his uncomfortable

  7. Aa he forget himself like he is a saint the truth go come out a day man god in control

  8. These officers are sick that’s taking advantage the man should take the matter to court. This officer is obvious untrained and came off the streets. Next time wait until he is in custody suites to do this. Not in public where phones are rampant and anyone can take a video. He will learn hope u don’t get fired and then you end up on the streets with no power and authority. What goes around comes around.

  9. Regardless of what transpired prior to the recording, the suspect was already in handcuffs.

    There was absolutely no need to brutally attack the suspect.

    The officers already had the situation under control i.e. handcuffs

    Its clear that the suspect was attempting to head but the officer however that said surely the “Training” the officer underwent to become a Police Officer would have advised accordingly in a situation like this one.

    How on earth can the relationship between the Police and the Public be improved with officers of this calibre?

    Am not against the Police in anyway nor am I for criminals but this could be a clear cut case of Police brutality regardless of what crime the suspect committed.

    An additional charge to what ever he was being taken down for could have been applied – i.e. assaulting a Police Officer

  10. Moncherry please channel your efforts on conducting searches on our roads for unlicensed firearms, and patrols to avert robberies of our entrepreneurs. Speak to us with this conviction when an innocent man is gunned down that it will be resolved

  11. He is my son me, you don’t have to do nothing… I got him right in the palm of my my hands.. I will beat him without touching him… Not even Satan will be able to save him this time. Enough is enough!

  12. He is my son, you don’t have to do nothing… I got him right in the palm of my my hands.. I will beat him without touching him… Not even Satan will be able to save him this time. Enough is enough!

  13. What happened in the video is a natural reflexive action especially for an untrained person.

  14. I was not there, what can i say; people, respect the law enforcement officers, if you have been arrested, go in peace, don’t provoke the officers, because you right will turn to wrong!

  15. When you taking a hand cuffed person on the street,his hand cuffs are on his back,you dont walk infront of him.and if he is belicose towards you,you hold him from the cuffs and behind him or on the side,never infront.The policeman seemed to trip or stumble,and that made the Rasta lean forward,as he was held by the arm.He was talking hard to say the least,but still that punch is a no no

  16. The police had no right to punched the man down because he was handcuffed,there were two officers and they could of handled the situation differently.

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