Police Chief Tells Officers To Defend Themselves Fully if Confronted

Police Commissioner, Severin Moncherry, has urged members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) to defend themselves fully if confronted by criminals, but at the same time act professionally at all times and ensure they act within the law.

Moncherry, who is currently in Ecuador on official business, made the comments to St Lucia Times in response to an audio recording of a very agitated man whom police described as being well known to them.

In the recording, the man can be heard abusing the police with a barrage of expletives and issuing threats in Creole and English.

At one point the man can be heard saying in English: “I just giving all them little fellows guns.”

At 8 minutes and 23 seconds into the audio recording, he says in  creole:

“The Devil! Before Christmas you will see the devil.”

Then in an obvious reference to some of his associates, the man said:

“I am giving each of you a gun in your mother (expletive). They will see the devil in their mother (expletive).”

Later in the recording the man says: “Don’t worry. Don’t worry. Your hands go be full for the Christmas in your mother (expletive).”

Reliable sources told St Lucia Times that the audio recording was made as law enforcement officials went to investigate a report of stolen property in Vieux Fort  earlier this week and requested that the male individual account for items that were in his possession.

“I take it as a very serious threat which I will speak to DPP about. Let me make it clear that I will not condone any such action. I will stand fully by my officers,” Commissioner Moncherry said in response to the threats against his officers.

“Police officers are urged to defend themselves fully if confronted. There is no guarantee that there will not be collateral damage if anyone launches any attack on the Police. Any such attack will not be just on an individual officer but on the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force,”  the top cop told St Lucia Times.

“Any such person or group should expect to face the full force of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Notwithstanding I urge my officers to act professionally at all times, respect fundamental rights and freedoms and ensure their actions remain within the parameters of the Law,” Moncherry stated.


  1. **** 12, **** u commissioner an **** ur corrupted cops url only care for url self an url only know how to cause mischief.

  2. Good encouragement…this is a police force…not a police service…..where we don’t serve the people..but force the law onto the people

    • To whoever you are “calm” Take your nonsense talk somewhere else. Your comment is totally out of place. Yes, there is police brutality but nowhere, or in any form, does it apply to this case. The RSLPF Commissioner has sent the right message to this criminal misfit! ZERO TOLERANCE for violence. If he is so brazen to tell that to a police officer, what treatment would the citizenry of St. Lucia face. Stop crying fowl when the shoes not on your feet or your family, friend or significant other. This behavior demands that the law be curved upon them to safeguard us all.

  3. At times the best defence is a strong offense so the police must be on the offensive when dealing with the criminals amongst us.

  4. Good Commissioner! take your stand, with the criminals and the ‘wanna be’ police commissioner. It was time. all within the parameters of the law.

  5. Yes Mr. Commissioner I hope you stick to your word and speak to the DPP on the issue. These criminals cannot be allowed to act like they are in charge of this country. That situation reminds me of the Grave Yard guy who years ago told the police “We have guns too”. All Larry and his gang of criminals do is steal, rob and kill and the police seem powerless to stop them. So I hope Mr. Commissioner that you and your men prosecute this worthless piece of shirt. They steal copper from everyone’s property in the South and threaten us if we speak out. It is time that this stops. We law abiding citizens shouldn’t be made to feel like we are second class citizens to these criminals.

  6. Who the hell Larry thinks he is to threaten to give his criminals guns for the season. Isn’t he already causing enough problems in Vieux Fort? This guy and his gang are terrorizing the people of Vieux Fort daily. I hope the police will deal with his criminal arse. They must be stopped Mr. Commissioner.

  7. Everyone has a right to defend his or herself, family and property at all times. No one should be a sitting duck but should pick their battles, think twice can I or should I walk away! after you commit yourself you cannot or should not regret your action

  8. These thugs can only threaten the police and citizens with their nonsense in St. Lucia. Tell me where on God’s earth can anyone threaten law enforcement in this manner without repercussions.

    Trust me these thugs who continue to terrorize the citizens in St. Lucia should travel out of St. Lucia. They will not last a minute ….unless they make a 360 degree turn around.

    BTW ..what does the law say regarding threats against citizens and law enforcement. It appears that FEAR had gripped St. Lucia in the worst way. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  9. I, concur with the Cop,the first line of defence is to defend yourself.Hit from the thorax to the head,and ensure that no criminals,is above the law,clean them out and forget about,”impacs”.

  10. Blessings,am sorry for shores and clarm , the this is even though there are dirty cops,, that doesn’t give whosoever the right to say,demand,or order criminals,t take life, whether police or civilian,,calm and shores are the same as the one who is sending the threats,, commissioner stand by your officers

  11. I am in full support of the statement the police chief said high time the enemies of the state are brought to justice police are there to protect us so when them police shoot them criminals send them all to hell

  12. Bad boys were you think you are?you are going to learn to behave and respect or you going to become members of Rambally club

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