Sunday, January 26, 2020

Police Chief Urged To Provide Answers After ‘Fishy’ Disappearance Of Teenager

The family of missing teenager Michael Blades has called on Police Commissioner Severin Moncherry to provide answers in connection with what they describe as the ‘fishy’ disappearance of the 19 year old.

They say they hold the police responsible after Blades, known as ‘Cocoa’ vanished upon his release from custody in the Choiseul police station on November 24, 2019.

The  autistic young man, who is from Vieux Fort, was held two days earlier in a robbery probe but set free due to lack of evidence, the police said.

“I want to send a message to the Commissioner of Police – I need to tell him that we need answers. The police not telling us nothing. He disappeared without trace. We want to know what they did to him,” a distraught uncle who requested not to be identified by name told St Lucia Times.

“You cannot have a young guy in your custody and released without any charge and not seen since,” the uncle asserted.

He declared that the police must take responsibility and those who released the teenager must be investigated.

The uncle said that had Blades been the son of a rich family, the situation would have been different.

“We poor – we don’t have money,” he explained.

However the uncle made it clear that if he has to sell his house to pay a lawyer to seek justice, he is willing to do so.

He appealed to the police commissioner, Human Rights campaigner Mary Francis and the Director of Public Prosecutions to come to the aid of the distressed family.

According to the uncle, so far only former Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony, who is the MP for Vieux Fort South, has come to the aid of the family of the missing young man.

Anthony also issued a statement Tuesday saying that he was ‘deeply troubled’ over the incident.

“Understandably, the family needs answers and very quickly. While Cocoa has had a history of autism, he is a sensible, kind, warm and jovial individual. I have known him since he was a child. I just pray that Cocoa is somewhere, alive and well,” part of Anthony’s statement read.

The uncle of he missing teenager noted that the police have often appealed to members of the public to assist them in fighting crime, but asserted that the people do not trust law enforcement officers.

“We don’t know what the police did to him after they released him,” he stated.

The uncle told St Lucia Times that on Monday, persons from the Special Education school which Michael Blades attended conducted a search for him in Soufriere and Choiseul, to no avail.

“It’s really getting me frustrated,” he explained, adding that there is something fishy about the whole affair.


  1. Ask the police who discharged him and those who were on duty.
    Ask officer chitolie and Ron James who arrested him,everyone sees sum fishy .those officers beat him n maybe killed him and buried him someplace,something.They are not talking at all

  2. This matter should be of urgent concern to all St. Luciana. If this incident is allowed to go away without serious investigation then the whole country is at risk at the hands of the police force. This arrest and disappearance looks suspicious. It seems like the police force is overrun by criminal elements. From the arrest to the release is strange. The police seem to have preyed on a young very vulnerable member of the society. This must not be swept under the carpet. The community should demand answers now. No pussyfooting with this case otherwise hell will be raised. Find Cocoa now.

  3. Well there should be justice, if he was beaten and killed by the police shame on them. What happens in darkness must come out to light, so if he was beaten and killed let him hunt them till they talk.

  4. Keep the LEACHY LAW ON THEIR NECKS AND DONT EASE UP. Yes I said it !!! If he had the last name of certain family there is no way this would have happen or even if it did the police would have been all over looking for the youth. This is nothing short of A DAM DISGRACE. It’s a crime to be poor in this place.

  5. What a flucking mess and the police expect the people to respect them.If they beat him and hes dead,all hell will come.

  6. Since when police dropping malayway on weekends?Especially sunday evenings….i’m not gonna specualate but you see if them police is responsible,that look cocoboy have in his face will hunt them for the rest of their life.

  7. Very fishy. Please Mr. Commissioner send all the officers who work at the Choieul police station away and run a thorough investigation into this matter. Very fishy. Why can’t he be found? No a glimpse of him?

  8. They released him at that time, as they know he is not from the area. Took him to a police station far from his home, deliberately as they had plans. Its in connection with a robbery, that they arrested him. Wont be surprised if the police are linked to the people who were robbed. And since when do police care if there is mold in a cell. Its linked to the police. They should have returned him home or to his area. Sounds like a set up. May those responsible know what goes round comes round.

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