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Police Chief Urges Special Constables To Always Behave Professionally

Police Commissioner, Severin Moncherry, has urged school security guards to behave professionally both on and off the job.

He spoke during the swearing in ceremony Thursday for 25 guards who have become Special Police Constables.

Moncherry told the guards that upon taking the oath, they must abide by the rules and regulations of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

“One of the things I say to my police officers is ‘You must be professional in everything you do,’’ he declared.

“You must always in your actions respect the fundamental rights and freedoms of others,” Moncherry asserted.

Security Guards take the oath

He told the guards that they were not being sworn in as judges or magistrates but as Special Police Constables with the role of serving and protecting.

The Police Commissioner said their role is to enforce the law and not make it.

“If you have reason to arrest somebody, you arrest the person, get assistance from the police station and the person is charged, you take the person before the court. Judgement is not for you – let the judges and magistrates pass judgement,” Moncherry stated.

He also cautioned the guards about their dress and grooming, telling them that if they look like the ‘ordinary vagabond’ people will treat them like vagabonds.

“You are professionals. You must dress neatly at all times,” Moncherry urged.

“It makes no sense if when you are at the school you act professionally and in your personal life you behave like a criminal,” he said.

He warned that the guards that they cannot be drunk when they are off duty but want people to respect them when they are on the job.

“People will not respect you because you are a Special Police Constable. They will respect you because of who you are and because of the way you behave and your own actions,” the Police Commissioner told the security guards.




  1. That commissioner has no shame u will hear him talk n feel he so righteous mate is a crown behind close door don’t worry god alive u must get expose a day the way u disrespect SPC’s don’t worry and the other stuff u does do n u know what it is the ppl afraid to speak out

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