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Updated on June 2, 2020 9:26 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 9:26 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 9:26 am

Police, Civilians In Viral Confrontation In Castries

Police officers and some civilians were engaged in a confrontation in Castries that was recorded and posted on social media, becoming viral.

The incident occurred Wednesday.

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times, officers went to effect an arrest in the Grass Street area when the confrontation occurred with an agitated group of individuals.

“What happen to you garcon? You can’t do me nothing,” one male shouts at a police officer in plain clothing.

A female off camera shouts :”Watch the officer hand on his gun in his (expletive)”.

The female continues to hurl expletives at the police officers who are said to have eventually left with the man they came to arrest.

There are no further details at this time.


  1. This unruly and lawless behavior by the civilians should not go unpunished. When law and order breaks down in a country, anarchy quickly takes root. These hardcore idiots should be dragged in front of a magistrate and be given a swift jail sentence for disturbing the public peace, obstruction of law enforcement execution of their duty, disorderly conduct and additional charges. Throw the book at them to deter others.

  2. Well done officer , do not let your guard down always protect your weapon . because it may determine your own safety .

  3. I thought there was a State of Emergency in effect. I must have been dreaming. Definitely need to see my doctor.
    In a time like this, society must maintain order or else things could easily fall apart. Where is the cops human rights representative when they so desperately need one? Where are you lady?

  4. This has got out of hand a long time ago,the ladies like to add their wood on the fire to create turmoil,you should drag them in and charge them

  5. Zòt pa sav sa zòt ni la! La ni plizyè péyi oliwon latè-a anba soufwans, moun las paski yo mété tout lavi yo an sové moun ki afékté ba COVID. La ni gwo pil moun mò yo pa sa téwé yo. La ni moun ki pa kite lakou pou yonn mwa. Sé lagwas vwézinaj yo ki ka tjenn yo vivan.
    Bondyé, inyowan kon yo inyowan mwen ki mandé Ou mété lanmen ba yo, pwotéjé péyi-a.
    Mési Bondyé.

    You all do not know what you all have there! There are countries around the world under sufferance, people are tired because they have put all their life into saving people who are affected by COVID. There huge piles of dead people they have not buried them. There are people who have not left their home for one month. It is the grace of neighbours that keep them alive.
    God, ignorant as they are ignorant, I am asking you give them a hand protect the country.

    Thank you God.

  6. Sadly, this I think is a prelude to things to come. Brace your self, we may see riots, thieving of food because
    primarily of need because most have small kids to feed. The Locals have never been forced to stay in line or
    take a number or wait for your turn; they’ll cuss you upside down to rush in front; the Police have to keep order
    Bystanders like this unruly woman can only learn by being arrested and spend 72 hrs in prison; HELP US LORD.

    • Just listening to this moron tells you all you need to know. Officers have a right to protect themselves at all course and they will be protected by the law never mind Mary Francis loud mouth. This young lady obstructing officers from carrying out their duty, she should be living in another country she would know her fate today.

  7. very professional approach by the officer. Too bad he only had his gun with him. If he would have had his “billy club” with him, It would have been nice to hear the “crack” of a skull breaking open when he swung it. Better luvk next time I guess.

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