Thursday, October 6, 2022

Police ‘Clarify’ That Commissioner Selects COVID-19 Wardens

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) says the Commissioner of Police is the one who will select COVID-19 wardens.
On Tuesday, Deputy Police Commissioner Milton Desir told reporters that the names will be submitted to the Prime Minister for final approval, possibly by weekend.
“We wish to clarify that the selection of candidates is solely the responsibility of the Commissioner of Police,” an RSLPF statement Wednesday said.
“Once the list has been finalised by the Office of the Commissioner of Police, a request will be submitted to the Office of the Prime Minister for budgetary approval. This request will be for consideration of payment of salaries, number of persons to be employed and allocations for uniforms. Qualifying candidates will then be informed and training sessions will commence,” it observed.
Wednesday’s RSLPF statement said the Office of the Police Commissioner has received hundreds of applications.
But the statement noted that no further applications will be accepted for processing.
It thanked everyone who submitted applications.
“All applications are undergoing a vetting process and a list of suitable candidates will be prepared after which, each individual will be contacted for the next phase of the process,” according to the RSLPF statement.

The RSLPF has indicated that some 200 COVID-19 wardens are being sought to help ensure that people comply with COVID-19 protocols.
The approved applicants will be given powers of arrest.
The Royal Saint Lucia Police ForceĀ  says it continues to encourage all persons in Saint Lucia to be safe ‘as we continue fighting against COVID-19.’
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