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Updated on June 2, 2020 9:26 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 9:26 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 9:26 am

Police Closing Down Non-Essential Businesses

Saint Lucia police are shutting down non-essential businesses that remain open during he current COVID-19 crisis, it has been announced.

“The majority of persons are adhering but in terms of the business places where they are not adhering, the police officers are out there – they are causing them to be closed,” Acting Police Commissioner Milton Desir stated.

He urged businesses that do not fall into the ‘essential’ category announced by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, to remain closed.

Customers in line to use bank ATM in Castries on Thursday, March 26, 2020

“We will ensure that your place is closed,” Desir warned.

He said while the police do not want to engage in the forced closure of business operations, owners should be responsible and know what they need to do.

The Acting Police Commissioner said police officers will be out securing homes and businesses.


  1. Papa met! I know people have to make a dollar to eat but it had to reach that level??? Shame on some of us.

  2. So many “rum shops” and gambling spots open in castries!!! officers are turning a blind eyes because they know that’s their watering hole.

  3. Awa lucians please listen Peter paying for Paul smh.Tomorrow you her some will talk about the emergency power some of us knows how to spin things pa pa god help st.lucia🙏🙏🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨

  4. Good news…I was wondering since when S&S was an essential service…and Lucians more dread,they on a long line waiting to go inside…even quarrelling with security and no social distancing eh…it was time…to many ppl out there unnecessarily…great job RSLPF

  5. I really cannot come to terms how hardware stored are not in the “essential services” list. What happens if there are emergency repairs to waterlines and electricity at homes. How do people repair broken pipes or replace burnt light bulbs. Please PM Chastanet tell me what to do? Do they stay without water or lighting?

    • So u have a home or house and didn’t buy and put in stock basic plumbing and electrical stuff like a pipe, copling, elbow etc?

  6. Go home..stay home..its a world wide dont have a choice now..sit and PRAY..thats all there is to it..FULL STOP.The world is at a stand still..Reflect…Repent..

  7. St.Lucians just don’t Listen and adhere to Rules and Regulations .Those who Refuse to Listen lock them up

    • Fines making more sense. Imagine you bank account $10,000 lighter just for that. That would sure keep them indoors.

  8. That’s the nonsense I hate with these police officers. A big talk but when I comes to carrying through they act like its a bother so they stay only in Castries. You will call them to the rural areas and they will never show up. How comes the Emergency and Fire Department have less vehicles but can almost always respond to calls. The police on the other hand just use the perennial excuse of no vehicles but they can find these same “no vehicles” to go check their jabals or pick up their children at school not to mention a lime at the bars.

  9. Non essential businesses are using all sorts of excuses to remain open. The AG Police Comissioner is all talk. Palay palay palay. The PM is all talk Palay Palay Palay. He said if it is not fire service, medical, pharmacies., grocery shops, food related and transportation, THEY SHOULD REMAIN CLOSED. However that is NOT being ENFORCED. POLICE& PM PLEASE SHUT THEM DOWN IF THEY ARE NOT LISTED AS ESSENTIAL. Since when is Hardware and paint an essential service SMDH!!

    • Just now. You all rerarded. It is a disease. It spreading like wild fire. Italy, uK and the USA drowning. Our health care system is notbas big or good as theirs but police have to run everywhere and tell you all stay home. Choops tan. That is just bare stupidity.

  10. It is necessary they close certain businesses but what about poor people. Many people talking and could afford to financially help themselves for months but i see people sad llike there is no hope. Not every body can handle this because if there is not a solution to help poor people there will be another serious crisis to deal with like crime include robbery, looting etc. People will be commiting suicide because they not used to that and cannot handle the situation.
    When disaster strke the island the country was down temporarily and criminals take advantage. This situation with the virus is worse .If St Lucia was French like Martinique we would be better off at list every month they finance u. How could St Lucia survive this situation if we put all our eggs in tourism basket. smh. It just take a couple of weeks to see the worse.

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