Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Police Come Under Gunfire In Castries

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Saint Lucia police say they came under gunfire about 7:40 pm in Castries while conducting checks, but no officers sustained injuries.

According to law enforcement officials, the incident occurred at the intersection of Bocage-Morne du Don when the police signalled a vehicle to stop.

But instead of stopping, the vehicle veered onto the officers while an occupant discharged rounds at the cops.

Screen grab from video on social media

Reports indicate that the vehicle drove off, with the police in pursuit, but the driver managed to escape after the car ended up in a ditch.

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The police said it was unclear whether the driver sustained injuries in the crash.

However, officers disclosed that they found a firearm when they searched the vehicle and are seeking the driver.

There are no further details at present.


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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. Innocent people take jail yesterday because of the war with gunman and police but this system messing up kids life by making Peter pay for Paul kids need they father y’all locking up someone out of rage….That’s unjust!!!!!!!!

  2. Understanding the culture of our people and the poor spiritual rectitude of our people is something for the authorities to consider.
    Have the police ever shot law abiding citizens?
    (Spiritual Watchdog )

  3. Here is MY take –
    1. Tax Payers arenot paying Police to get killed but to secure the nation.
    2. Police is an Organ of the State, NOT a gang!
    3. Pointing a firearm at the Police oughtt to be a crime. Jail time 4 anyone who does.
    4. Firing at the Police should be even worse…25 to life

    Any threat to the Popo is a threat to ALL the People Of The State of Saint Lucia…and therefore is TREASONUS by nature.

    Make the amendment to Constitution and or Criminial Code to FIX THIS ASAP so that the Police could have the authority to deal with such THREATS TO NATIONAL SECURITY of the State of Saint Lucia.

    AND…create a working mechanism to thoroughly investigate/scrutunize each police killing, in order to eradicate the Unrighteous Killers from the ranks of the Police.

  4. Mary Francis and the Sister of the Decease from Barre St.Joseph I hope you all Read and Overstand what Transpired .

  5. And the Silence is deafening. All u allow Kenny to F up this country with his Impacs nonsense. i hope we all see the results of the actions of those so called caring Politicians. And now we hv a Clueless Min of National Security and PM. Gun Violence continues whiles Poyotte and her team are putting Mechanisms in Place.

  6. If you don’t pull out the weeds eventually they grow bigger and bolder and will overtake the entire lawn.

  7. Family members do you hear what transpired. I hope when police put him down you’ll don’t come out and say they should have shoot him in his leg or you’ll want answers. Come on police officers make rambally, crick, earn some money from the family.

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