Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Police Concerned About Driver Behaviour Amid Spike In Accidents

Saint Lucia police have expressed concern about the behaviour of drivers, asserting that it is one of the ‘critical factors’ contributing to road accidents.

So far for this year there have been 16 road fatalities according to figures released by the Police Traffic Department.

“Driver behaviour is one of the critical reasons why we have drivers behaving in the way that they do; because in as much as there are contributing factors – alcohol and others; bad roads; however if drivers react and behave in the manner that they ought to, we won’t have all those problems that we are having on the roads,” says Sergeant Jonathan St Juste.

St Juste was a guest Monday night on the MBC Television programme ‘Police Insight’.

By way of example, the Traffic Police official noted that Monday was a rainy day and on average drivers would drive at between 30 and 40 miles per hour on major roads.

However St Juste lamented that despite the changed weather conditions, drivers would still drive at “break neck” speed although the roads are wet.

He asserted that the vehicle cannot be expected to perform the same way when the road is wet.

The Police Traffic Department says in 2015 there were 1, 599 vehicle accidents, 1,927 in 2016 and 2,174 in 2017.

The department disclosed that for the Castries area alone, there were 635 road accidents or collisions. In 2016 the figure increased to 737, while in 2017 the number recorded was 882.

(Editor’s note: Story updated to correct typo. Original story had 1, 599 vehicle accidents for 2017 instead of the correct year – 2015)


  1. I have lived all over the world and I have to say St Lucia has the worst driving I have ever seen. People have no idea about stopping distances, some cant use roundabouts, others overtake on corners, the list goes on. The sad thing is if there is an accident, they no only injure themselves but others that are innocent. People slow down.

    • Same here. Driven in many countries and it is nuts here. No matter how you look at it black people don’t like things orderly and rules based.

      • What does race have to do with anything? The US has the most mass shootings in the world do you say white people are gun crazed maniacs. Stop being a self-hating black person

  2. Please change “The Police Traffic Department says in 2017 there were 1, 599 vehicle accidents, 1,927 in 2016 and 2,174 in 2017.” You have 2017 twice. I’m not sure what it should be.

  3. It is NOT the roads, not the vehicle – it is the BRAINS behind the wheel. Moronic behaviour is THE MAJOR contributing factor to accidents and fatalities! A good driver would endeavour to safeguard his/her passengers with careful, and lawful driving given inclement and technical/mechanical difficulties.

    Also the police should send out “demanding and deafening threats” to bus drivers of their behaviour and consequences – stop blaming roads and vehicles, for they have no brains! Bus drivers are human with plenty, plenty errors.

    • My own grammatical error: sentence should read “stop blaming roads and vehicles for THESE have no brains!!” *rolling eyes at self*

  4. It’s true I have seen madness, no patience, overtaking on speed bumps, pedestrian crossing.. Drivers here are the worse …m not saying all but some, some bus drivers refuse to get off the road to let down a passenger , they always racing, stopping in corners , in junctions too pa too….something seriously needs to b done

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