Police Conduct Massive Operation In Vieux Fort

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) conducted a massive operation in Bruceville, Vieux Fort, Wednesday morning for several hours to hunt for illegal weapons and other contraband items, law enforcement officials say.

Reliable sources said some 100 officers took part in the house-to-house and other searches.

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But according to information obtained by St Lucia Times, the officers made no significant seizures and arrested no one.

Wednesday’s police operation followed a recent spike in gangland-style activity in the community.

Last month, Vieux Fort South MP and former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony asserted that indiscriminate gunfire had terrorised residents and turned Vieux Fort into a virtual war zone.

Anthony condemned the violence, called for gangs to be disarmed, and said the volley of shots suggested that ‘highly sophisticated weapons’ had been discharged.

A stray bullet at the time hit a woman who received treatment at the hospital.

As a result of the increased gang activity, Police Commissioner Milton Desir, Vieux Fort Mayor Cyril Saltibus, and others last month visited the residents and businesses of the Vieux Fort area affected by the upsurge in gun violence.

The delegation spoke with key stakeholders to chart a sustainable policing strategy to quell the crime situation.

And they promised to maintain an increased police presence in key areas.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. The police done tip off the guys so they remove all the weapons… in front of the Christmas deh? Them hungry corrupted police who ramping with all illegality… chupzzzz

  2. Well I commend the police for trying just keep in mind the gangs have serious connections.
    When you make these kind of plans they are already aware of it, but I do give the police props for trying to protect our country by making it safer.

    Officers if you are reading this or someone with some authority please keep these plans between a at least 5 people, then when the time is ready be sure to make them take action right away and monitor the other officers to make sure no one makes any calls .

    We need to crack down on crime however the badboys seem to always be one step ahead.

  3. Comical police operations. Just for publicity. It is high time the RSLPF acts like a professional organization that knows what it is about. Why waste such limited resources Just for a show – in an area which is infested with drugs and guns? We need better from our police. Where is your intelligence? Have you stopped using it or is it none existent. A few months past, Vieux Fort had a lovely operation with no fanfare but you know what? It netted five weapons, including an AR15 – all belonging to a known gang leader. Within days of that operation, news came that another two were seized. These are the type of operations we want to hear of – not the highly publicized ones with no results. Clearly, the successful ones spoken of earlier must have been intelligence driven with no leaks from the corrupt cops. So my dear officers, take a page from those before you and stopped a acting like incompetents. We want results!!! Not a show.

    Now tell me what you expected to get from the Banana man when most of you are supported by him. The state agents including successive governments are responsible for what this man and View Fort has become. Squatted on government lands, built million dollar houses with no plans or approval from DCA, pays no taxes and terrorizes the community. And you want to tell me that the state can’t put an end to this? Or they don’t want to because of votes. So here goes the root of the problem – not the police more than the government. A hypothetical society indeed. So when you hear the rep talking tough we all know that this is for TV. In reality, the votes are more important and therefore nothing serious will be done.

  4. @freemason sad but true. Nothing will ever be done unless we ask for international help. Don’t forget you’ll have El Chapo in government. So expect the worst if we don’t kneel to ask him to save us from them

  5. No seizures and arrests because the residents and gang leader was well Informed by policemen themselves that policemen was coming to bruceville on the said date

  6. Too little too late. The corrupt cops themselves gave the tip off; their boss at the very top knows what’s going on. He now runs the show. The P.M. have no clue. Dear ol’ kenny, tell them – ”Give the people a break for Christmas” – HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  7. At lease it is a good initiative to get the ball rolling this island is too tiny to have such warfare happening. We need to assist the police in their investigation looking for weapons because one day if you leave it to go like that, one of your sibling or relative will get caught in the cross fire and only then you will see to scream.

  8. Yes it is a good thing to carry out operations like that, but when Will they do the Same in Cap Estate as there is guns, cocaine, Heroine, opium and thiefs and murders and white collars thugs in cap estate….

  9. Why would the criminals keep the weapons at their homes, it’s obvious they are aware that the search was going to happen. These police don’t have any wisdom.

  10. Stupid police force conducting searches without any intelligence or tip offs, this is just for show. When the police officers came down from the UK to assist and develop the police force here they ran back home due to the level of corruption.

  11. Wat house 2 house? You all officers are useless.. government eh doing nun for us mr. Kenny Anthony ! so the boss free us up on euros for xmas you all get vex.. stop the bad mind n jealousy .. we shanty town ppl are one .. thanks for all the help my boss pat banan

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